Why does my path cross with hers all the time?

It's like fate is playing a twisted, wicked game.

I can't even put the blame on her now,

This time, my own destiny is the one to blame!

I'm not even feeling mad at her,

These days all it makes me feel is this nothingness.

It's like a giant black hole is sucking my emotions in,

I know that this is a disaster, a huge mess.

Some things are important in my life,

Life is testing me by trying to ruin them.

But no, I'm not gonna give up now,

Feeling lively and feeling numb is all in the same.

My heart knows what's important,

The darkness faded when I listened to the right voice.

I don't control this, so I won't care either.

I won't let this affect me and that's my choice!

It's the anticipation that kills me,

Wondering if she'll talk to me or just ignore.

But I am not scared of it this time,

I have been there a thousand times before.

It's fate's game, not mine,

So now I refuse to give in and play!

I've got my own game going on now,

And I'm not getting diverted, not today!

A/N: wrote this about a friend-turned-foe-turned-friend-turned-stranger…. Hope you liked it.