I know he's waiting for me somewhere,

I'm ready to take down every single obstacle

That stands in my way- I'm going to get there.

Why do I let a stupid thing shatter me?

This present is an illusion, he is my destiny.

This game fate is playing is actually with me and him.

We are in the centre-stage, the lights are dim.

I know I'll reach him and end it all.

Fate can build these walls, I'll make them fall.

My heart is with him, so nothing else matters.

If I believe in me, I know I can make this maze shatter.

I'm gonna break out of this spider-web,

Like Kagome broke out of the meadow for Inuyasha…

"I'm gonna be there always,

I won't miss a word all day", oh yeah!

So I kind of need to borrow your strength,

I know that love and faith is the strongest sword.

Fate will be defeated, I know it,

You and I will together strike the right chord.

You are gonna help me.

You won't let my life go off-key!

You are my symphony,

The lyrics to my melody!

I am gonna do this next time,

I don't know your name so I'll just chant "love".

I don't know how you look so,

I'll just keep praying to the Heaven above.

This has been going on for way too long,

This is just way too wrong.

This time I am gonna be strong.

Because I love you….

Whoever you are.

I know you're not far.

Don't worry, I promise I will make it.

If I love you, my fate will crumble to my feet.

A/N: yes I know I'm crazy, but I'm proud that I believe in soul-mates :P