O love, what a mistress you are

making the right wrong and the wrong right

It's so hard to hear "I don't love you"

But it's harder to say those words and be one with the truth

I want to treat her the way she deserves

But how can I do that when I have never felt the same?


I can't be with the one I love

and I don't want to hurt the one I don't

I'm wishing to see that glorius day

when she could be on my arms again

but as long as that stranger has an eye on me

I will never be able to love and be free


I can't stand feeling this hurt

and there I go doing the same thing to an innocent soul

The tender words I want to listen from my sweet star

are the same words she wants to hear from my mouth

For all the things I can't change

for her life, for her heart, that's why I pray


I can't say what I don't really feel

But what I do is the reason of her tears

Because there's no greater tragedy in the affairs of the heart

than to love and not being loved in return

I wishing I could change how this story will end

But how can I ask for something if I can't do the same?