Hiya guys here is my first story on fictionpress i have wrote before, two of my stories are on fanficiton under the name of PicturePerfectLove. this was actually an english assignment i had to write but because i loved it so much i decided to carry on writing it, so i hope you enjoy it and please give me some feedback good or bad i don't mind anyway here it is xxxxx

The Air Walker and Me

A story of love, danger and adventure

Gina Bains


Flash Forward

"Where am I? What's happening to me? Am I alive? I then realised if I was dead I wouldn't feel any pain. The suffering was unimaginable. My whole body was fire. I couldn't handle it. Surely by now someone would have found me. I was turning.

I had the obvious symptoms, being unconscious, a burning feeling throughout body, no memory of the past few days; these memories would come back within the next few hours.

I have lost my memories but I certainly know who did this to me. Demitri Martin. His name brought back hundreds of thoughts and memories, too much for my mind – if I was a wake I'd be screaming. He had caused so much pain and anger in my life yet I could not stop thinking about him. The way he looked, how smart he was, the way he said my name "Thaila". He watched me grow from a child to a young adult, taking scrapes and burns while he never changed or got damaged.

He waited to turn me when I was old enough or close to death. He was making me into another one of him. An Air Walker.

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