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"Morning," Aunt Karol chirped as she danced happily around the kitchen cooking her sweet ass off. I tried not to smile, but it was damn near impossible and I broke out into a fully fledged, no holds barred grin. Lies, you say? Heck no! I nodded in response and sat in my usual spot at the breakfast table, "how was your sleep?" She asked.

I nodded again, this time with a yawn. She smiled at me, placed a couple pancakes on my plate, kissed the top of my head lovingly and continued with her elegant swishing. I skipped on dinner last night, so I was able to wolf down the pancakes and get back upstairs lickety split and skip the awkward morning talk.

I picked up my usual attire, denim mini and just a plain black tank, shoved a couple books into my bag, threw it over my shoulder and headed out, not forgetting the lunch Aunt Karol kindly made me.

I swung my keys over my fingers easily and smiled as Annabelle, my next door neighbor came up the smooth pavement.

"Hey you," She smiled by way of greeting, "so I've got bad news. Looks like we're off again." A sad look flitted across her face before she grinned again, "I suppose you and that friend of yours have got this town on lock anyway, doesn't really give us a reason to stay." She winked, "But I guess I'll see you round, it's been fun and if you're ever around Cali, look me up."

I nodded, accepting her hug and turned for the garage.

Aunt Karol was in there too getting ready to climb into her own sleek ride.

"Honestly Sera, I don't understand why you refuse to let me buy you a car. It's not like it's a major setback. You're so selfish." I watched as she huffed, started her car, smoothly reversed down the driveway and set off to begin her day.

I shrugged as she left and knelt down to scratch Wilbur's pliable golden yellow fur coat, "You get it. Don't you boy?" I cooed as he lay comfortably in his little doggy kennel, head resting on his paws.

He whimpered and squeaked as I started my not-so-sleek car and headed off to school to start another tedious year of school.


"Hi, Sera," Someone unbeknownst to me greeted as I parked my car right out front of school, "how was break?" The brunette asked somewhat shyly.

I raised an eyebrow at the girl in question, locked my door and just turned for the school's entrance. The poor girl looked like she was about to break down in tears and I could vaguely hear her friends rush to her and whisper obscenities, no doubt aimed at me, clearly deciding that I was in fact, no longer in hearing distance. Wrong. I had half a mind to turn around and laugh at their faces, scare them a little more, but I'm not completely heartless.

It was only eight and the school was buzzing with excitement. It made me sick. Various people nodded at me and greeted me with pleasantries, some I recognized and some I didn't, some even trying to stop in the hallway to get a conversation going. I didn't bother anyway.

Upon approaching my locker, I noticed a prominent, unwanted figure leaning against it, looking nervous and worried and like he had a lot on his mind. He was constantly running his hands through his soft-looking blonde threads. He was cute. He didn't look familiar though, so I just shrugged inwardly. When he saw me down the hall a little ways away, he straightened, pulling his over sized, plain, light blue shirt down and pulling the back of his just a little too big, dark blue wash jeans up a bit.

"Hey," he said, flashing his pearly whites, "how have you been?"

I turned to open my locker and he stepped out of the way so I could, in fact, open it, without having to exert any energy at all and push him off it. I put a couple books in, closed it and just shrugged in response to his question.

He ran his hands through his hair again and licked his lips anxiously, I decided he was passable.

"So, I had a good time the other night." Ah, he already passed then. I just nodded, flicking my hair over my right shoulder, tapping a foot and inspecting my nails. I was honestly getting bored.

"Uh, so I was thinking maybe, you wanted to, well—" He stuttered, and I mentally noted that he just un-passed himself, "It's just that, my friends having a party and I thought that maybe we could…hang out." He mumbled lamely, looking down at his feet, his shoulders slumping. He just deflated.

Clearly, this guy had some confidence issues. There is nothing like a great male ego or lack thereof, to burn.

I took a deep breath, exhaled and then put a firm hand on his shoulder. He looked up, his beautiful rich brown eyes, hopeful. I shook my head, "That's not how this works, hon. I'm sure I would've told you. I don't do that." I tried, questioning my judgment, internally.

"No," he shook his head avidly, "you did. It's just, I thought, we had a good time." He said, still sounding hopeful, shrugging his shoulder that my hand was consoling.

"Oh, we did have a good time, sweetie. But that's all it was." I gave him a small, what I hope was a comforting smile and a meaningful look before I left for my first class.


"Psst, Sera," I looked up from my English work at the voice and rolled my eyes, "word is, you've got AIDS. Can you verify or deny those claims?"

"How about you test the waters, find out for yourself, Kirk?" I smirked at his wide eyes and continued with my work, as he shuffled around behind me, tugging at his shirt and fanning himself.

"Psst. Word is also out, that Rayne Simmons asked you out this morning and you flat out, stone cold, denied his ass!" He whisper yelled excitedly.

"Alright, Kirk, you're annoying me. How 'bout you shut the fuck up now, Rayne's a good kid. Leave him alone." I finished, remembering Rayne leaning against my locker. I knew I was nice to him for a reason, I just couldn't remember. Now I do. I remember Rayne. He was nice in more ways than one. He definitely had the physique down pat and stamina was no problem at all seeing as he was the big important ball kicker that won big important games where people like to kick balls. I really don't see the fun. Why kick balls when they can be put to better use?

Kirk held his hands up in defense "Don't get your knickers in a knot. Or are they already twisted? You want some help out of them?" He quipped.

"How 'bout I help you out of yours?" A familiar high pitched manly voice called from the other side of the classroom. Rylan, our schools resident gay smiled suggestively and Kirk dry heaved, disgusted. Rylan licked his lips and smoothed back his hair, crossing his legs femininely. Kirk almost shrieked in horror.

I nodded at him in thanks but he brushed it off and I worked furiously for the rest of the class.

The day kind of flew by after that. And before I knew, it was lunch. I figured I'd head to the library and say a quick hello to Mary Mae, the librarian and my Aunt's best friend, enjoying delaying the inevitable just a little too much. I knew I'd have to confront her soon, but if I could hold it off just a little longer than that's what I'd do.

It was still lunch when I had finished, and I decided that I was not obligated to go and see the Queen Goon of all cafeteria folk. Sure, she'd be pissed come tomorrow. But the bitch hadn't called me since she got back from Italy last night. I pulled a face at the fact that she hadn't even been back for that long and resisted the urge to laugh, before returning the Hall key and left for home early.

The drive home was as smooth as a five minute drive can be; why I never walked? I don't know. It was only down the road, but eh. I shouldered my bag, whistled for Wilbur and went inside through the garage door.

"Sera," I heard as I hit the stairs up to my room, "is that you?"

"Yeah, it's me." I called back in return.

"Oh, aren't you home a little early?" She asked, suspiciously.

I shrugged, "Probably, but, aren't you?" I gave her a sly smile and she pushed me up stairs.

"Touché" I heard her laugh and I smiled to myself as I climbed the stairs.

"Hey Wilbur, you smelly ball of fluff" I laughed grinning at the dog I've had ever since I was six who did not have to stop and talk to his Aunt. "How was your day?" I smiled, as he licked me eagerly. "Good then?" I ruffed up his fur and his tongue wagged happily from his mouth, "My day was totally boring. Boys are still stupid. Girls are stupid too. English is hard. Dancing is fun! And…yeah, I think that's it." I laughed easily, tapping my chin thoughtfully, recollecting the day's events.

My phone rang as I was playing with Wilbur and I picked it up, despite the unfamiliar number. "Hello?" I answered.

"Hi, is this, Sera?" The person asked shyly on the other line.

"If you want it to be" I answered, cryptically.

"My names, Louis, I'm having a party tonight, I go to Norwest and I know you go to La Salle and we don't know each other—"

"Is there a point to this drab?" I asked him impatiently.

"Well, I was telling people about it and all of them asked if you were coming. And I don't even know you. But everyone at my school does, so uh, I guess, are you coming?" He sounded kind of desperate.

I thought about my plans for that night and couldn't figure out anything that would be worth doing. So I decided that I would more than likely, probably not, end up sitting around doing nothing, so I could take a couple hours out of my precious time to sit with him.

He breathed a sigh of relief and I tried to suppress the laughter. He's probably a short, fat pudgy looking kid, sweating his ass off trying to get in on the cool side of town. This is totally my good deed for the day, then.

Before he could say more on the situation I hung up and called a 'few' friends I thought might be interested in coming with.

"Hey Bitch, party at Norwest, be there or be circle." I smiled.

"What the frack?" The voice said with a slight twang of a Texan accent.

"Yeah, I went there." I laughed as I changed.

"Well, shoot. At least make me a pretty shape if I don't turn up. Like a, star! Yeah, can I be a star?" She chuckled.

"Sure thing, doll" I grinned at the ear piece, "I'll see you there." I finished, hanging up.

I dialed another number, despite my better judgment and arranged to meet with Rayne at his house in half an hour. He sounded a bit unsure at first, but I didn't take much notice, considering how sure I knew he'd be mid coitus.

After hanging up, I noticed a lot of banging around next door. I took a quick peep out my window and could see Annabelle yelling at a couple of sexy mover guys. They were young, early twenties. I wondered if I had time to go down, try a quick 'Hi. I'm young, your young, let's be young together and in the best way' before leaving, but decided against it, calling a quick 'Shut the fuck up' down to Annabelle, who smiled sheepishly, and smacked a mover over the head for drooling.

I smirked and drew back my curtains.


"Hey Sera," Rayne said, his hand at the back of his head as he scratched nervously, "I don't think this is a good idea, I just, I mean it's, I think—"

"Shh." I said, cutting him off and pushing him out of the doorway entering his house, "Don't think, baby." I sent him a coy smile and walked into his room, stripped off my tank and turned back to him, still in the middle of the doorway, my midnight black hair falling sensually down my back. He looked pensively in though, internally arguing with himself.

He looked up and his eyes met mine. I raised an eyebrow and he closed the front door, stalking towards me with a disgustingly loving smile on his face, I resisted the urge to vomit and pulled him into the room, throwing him angrily on the bed, I eagerly straddled his hips.


"You're going already?" Rayne asked, sitting up from his bed and rubbing the left side of his face as if he were tired.

I nodded and continued to search for my scattered clothes.

"But it's only…nine" He said after a quick look at his bedside clock.

"I know. I have places to go, people to see." I said, easily.

"But, I thought—"

"I told you baby, don't think." I interrupted, starting to get annoyed with his clinginess, as I pulled my short, tight, black mini-dress on.

"Well, I guess…oh, you're going to Louis' party tonight then?" He questioned, getting cheerful.

I nodded and searched for my keys.

"So, I can take you then?" He finished that hopeful tone back for another visit.

As I thought about what was wrong with me and why I kept coming back to Sir-Cling-A lot, I also tried to think of a way to not figuratively speaking, kick him in the ass. After several seconds of thinking, I couldn't find an easier way.

"No." I finished, that simple word feeling a lot easier to say than I thought it would.

"But, why not, I mean, we could save gas and that saves the planet and shit like that." He laughed but deflated again when he saw the strange look I had to be giving him. What is this guy on?

"Maybe…I don't know, I wasn't clear enough at school today? This. Is. Fun." I enunciated slowly, as if talking to a five year old. "Fun only lasts for so long though, in your case, it's an hour. Don't look too much into it, Rayne." I said frivolously as I flipped my hair, found my keys under the dark wash jeans he'd been wearing today and strutted out to my car.

"Later." I called to no one in particular as I started my car and drove out to this kid Louis' house.


"What is up mother-fritter?" Lana screamed the moment I stepped in the door.

The heat was stifling, the smell was toxic and the noise was deafening. Exactly how I liked it.

"Nothing much," I replied slowly, raising an eyebrow at her obviously inebriated state, "been hitting it hard, I assume." I laughed as she stumbled into me.

"Not hitting it hard enough apparently. I had dibs on Rayne Simmons!" She pouted, her eyes misty and unclear.

I smirked devilishly, "had you not taken off to Italy, you probably would have collected, but no. First in, best dressed."

"More like undressed." Rayne smiled at me as he materialized from thin air, his arm draping over my shoulder protectively.

Lana's pout became more defined and she glared at me, muttering dirty cuss words.

I took it all in stride proudly before snatching her half empty beer. "Say, how about we play a game?" I asked Lana carefully, hoping she was sober enough to catch on because Rayne was seriously cramping my style.

"Game?" She asked curiously.

I nodded, "you take the king, while I hit the queen."

She nodded mischievously, "I will gladly take that off your hands." Flashing her blinding pearly whites, she turned her body fully to Rayne, sliding her hand down his arm that was around me she pulled at his fingers playfully, "why don't you come along with me big boy, show me where to find the…" Lana raked her eyes up and down his body lustfully, "drinks."

I felt Rayne tense. Peeking up at him I saw him swallow and then give an almost imperceptible nod. And then they were off, fast retreating into the mass of bodies that gladly swallowed them whole.

I breathed deeply, finally able to relax. I headed straight to where I assumed was the kitchen and found a game of beer pong in the works.

"We need someone to be on Noah's team cause he's shit at beer pong and no one wants to be his partner!" I heard a loud call. Shrugging, I thought, why not?

"I've got the balls." I said, stepping up to the opposite end of the table confidently. I wasn't the best, but I was in it to drink anyway.

"Well, I sure hope you don't." I heard a deep, gravelly voice say in my ear.

I shivered delightfully and turned slowly, making sure to touch him as I did so. I came face to chest with the guy behind me, feeling his oozing confidence. I trailed a finger teasingly on his chest, drawing little patterns I kept my head down, playing coy.

Still not meeting his eye, I raised myself on the balls of my feet until I was level with his diamond pierced ear, "how bout we beat your loser friends at this game and then we go find out?" I whispered, breathily.

As I lowered myself back down to my normal height, I felt his arms snake around my waist and turn me back to our opponents. He stood right behind me, so my back was to his front, his arms posed protectively around me. His idiotic friends whistled suggestively as the guy leant down to my ear, "let the games begin." He whispered back, nibbling on my ear.

And with that, we were on our way.

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