Only A Sea Between Us

It happened one warm spring day. I went to the sea wall and sat down. I took out my sketch pad and some charcoal. I went to work as usual for a weekend morning. After a time I lost my inspiration, as much as I love the seaside. It felt noisy and the constant crash of the sea was wearing on my nerves.

I looked over and saw a lone man down the wall a bit. He was leaning over and looking at the water below. I couldn't take my eyes off of him, he was the most handsome guy I have ever seen. He wasn't perfect, but the whole package was so amazing. So, I watched him, no, it was more like gawking. I still had a small piece of charcoal in my hand. I started to draw his profile on the edge of the wall. After some time, he left. I decided it was time to get home.

The next day I came around at about the same time. I thought maybe he would show up. He didn't though and I decided after an hour to walk slowly home by the seawall. As I was walking I came upon the picture I drew. There was a note written in pencil next to it. It said, "Pretty good likeness." and then it was signed, Pierre. I swung around thinking that just like in the movies he would be there, but he wasn't.

I used my finger to trace over the lettering. Just then a neighbor came by. It was the nice man next door to my parents. I can't remember his name. I usually just say hi. He struck up a conversation. We talked and then just as he was leaving a dog came up to me and jumped up at my legs. It was happy to see me and I was happy to see him or her. I like dogs. I looked for the owner and then he was there, the hunkster. He smiled , this warm grin and came close.

"I hope my dog isn't bothering you?" said the obviously French accent.

"No, it's very cute. Is it a he or a she?" I asked.

"A definite she-devil." said the man as he ruffled her fur on her back.

"What's her name?" I asked.

"Her name is Daisy." said the man and then he continued, "And mine is Pierre."

That took less then a microsecond for it to register that the name written by the profile was written by him. Could he know I drew the picture? No way, he never looked my way.

"Hello Pierre." I said slowly, trying to be aware of the extra time he may need in translation."It is nice to meet you."

"And you are?" asked Pierre.

"I am Sally." I answered. No, it wasn't my real name, what do you think I look like I fell off the turnip truck?

"Sally is a beautiful name, for a beautiful woman." said Pierre. Oh, can this guy be real? I doubt it. But it kinda made my day.

"Thank you." I responded. "You sound as if you are from..." he interrupted me.

"You are the artist,no?" asked Pierre.

"No, no, what artist are you looking for?" I asked.

"I thought, you look like the woman yesterday." said Pierre.

"Sorry, I was out of town yesterday." I answered.

"No, my apologies. May I buy you some coffee? I'll tell you about where I am from." asked Pierre. I couldn't see the harm in that, so I took him up on his offer.

Once we arrived at the cafe and ordered we sat in a corner table outside on the sidewalk.

The coffees came out a few minutes later.

"Thank you." we said in unison as the waiter put the two cups down. We both smiled and laughed a little.

Once the waiter left, Pierre struck up the conversation. A minute later his cell rang.

"Oh, please excuse me, I must take this call. " said Pierre. He stood up and left the table. He walked to the end of the sidewalk at the curb onto the street.

I watched his form move as he spoke. His back was mostly to me. He had a very sexy back. He was tall and thin and clothes draped over him as if he modeled at one time. It was just how he positioned himself.

He turned and smiled at me and held up one finger to show he was almost done with his call.

I was enjoying the view myself. I wondered what would happen if I told him I was the artist, he had me right. Daisy brought me out of my day dream by demanding some attention. Her leash was under the leg of the chair. Pierre was approaching the table and petting Daisy. I loved watching a guy be friends to animals.

(More to come tomorrow, lovely day tomorrow , these words won't appear until then I'm afraid. So hang in there!:)

All my Love 3