Deathbed Story

I ran and didn't want to stop

Until I fell of the cliff drop

All I really needed was solid ground

But I couldn't find it, even if I looked around

Because I was above water in the sky

Waiting to hit and die

No one here to see me pass by

And to speak their selfish last lie

I don't want to try and fool you

I don't even want one to be two

Life is to slow for passing time

But it's ok if I say a little rhyme

Does that make you cry?

Sometimes I always wanted to say goodbye

That meant for life

I always had the chance for love

I just didn't stretch out my silk glove

Yet there's always a time for sleepy eyes

Everyone these days just have a bundle of whys

Like why do we care?

For the ones who come to be so rare

Is there more thoughts in their heads

Is there anymore depending on their deathbed

Of course there are, death is our answer

I thought might have saved me, after all you're a soldier

You save the ones of this town

But you screwed up like a clown

It doesn't matter no more I'm lost

Hitting my head flash back, I'm a ghost

Its how I say bye…