Hello! It's been a long while since I've posted anything on here, so I thought I might as well start posting up something I've been writing for a while now! XD

It's a remake of Alice in Wonderland, only nothing at all like Alice in Wonderland. XD

R-read and comment, please! I hope you guys enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it! XD

Suit 1: Down the Rabbit Hole
"...I wonder if "Alice" is coming today," a young man asked, back leaning against a tree. The cliff he was on overlooked a lush forest of green. The smell of grass was carried by the wind, which gently ruffled his ebony black hair. He grinned as he grabbed the rim of the top hat on his head. His golden eyes flickered slightly as his body tensed. He jumped, and with a twirl, he was gone, only leaving a few falling leaves in his wake.

Aress stormed angrily through the forest. Today had been a terrible day. A cat had tripped him this morning, a bunch of kids had dragged him into a tea party when he was late for school, a pair of twins had blocked him at an intersection, a rabbit had run up his leg and then proceeded to use his head as a springboard, a deck of cards had flown in his face out of nowhere and scattered everywhere...the list went on and on. He sighed as his shoelaces came untied.
Bending down to tie it again, he muttered, "Thank goodness it didn't snap." He looked up through the curtain of his dark blue hair at the sound of footsteps. Aress' steel gray eyes met amused gold ones. "Wha--?"
"Hi...you look interesting!" The young man standing before him said, his dark purple cat ears twitching interestedly. Cat ears?! Aress froze. Fetish?! He hurriedly stood up.
"I-I'm not interesting at all!" Aress hurriedly said, trying to distance himself from the stranger. His eyes widened when he saw the cat's tail twitching behind the stranger. Aress stumbled backwards as the cat-boy came closer. "S-seriously!"
"Reeeally?" the young man asked, leaning forward, but not advancing any further.
"Really!" Aress replied loudly. There was a tree behind him; there was nowhere else to go.
"I don't think so!" the cat-boy said in a sing-song voice as he laid a hand on the terrified Aress' chest. "We'll see..." he remarked, drawing closer to the dark blue haired teen. "Bye-bye!" The cat-boy smiled as he pushed Aress backwards.
"Wait, what?!" Aress tried to grab something, anything, as he fell backwards. He closed his steel gray eyes, anticipating hitting his head on the tree behind him. However, the world around him suddenly shifted, and he was falling, headfirst, down a dark void, the light at the top fading as he fell further and further down. He could almost make out what looked like clocks floating around him. Where is this place...? Where does it go to?
He felt a sudden change in the air. It felt like he was slowly floating down. What's happening? Aress blinked, and it felt like he was passing through a film. The teen gasped as he fell rapidly, headfirst towards the bottom. A field of green rushed towards him. He screamed when he realized someone in top hat was right beneath him. "Watch out!!" Surprised gold eyes turned up to meet his steel gray eyes. "Aah!!" They collided, black with dark blue, and Aress' vision faded to black.

"--ey, hey...Are you okay?"
"...nngh..." Aress' closed eyes twitched slightly as he slowly came back to consciousness. He was on something soft, and someone was worriedly shaking his shoulder. "Nnh..." He slowly sat up, rubbing his head. His dark blue hair fell over half-open steel gray eyes. "Uhf..." Aress was straddling something soft... "Wha...?"
"...Well, well. It's not every day a random young man falls from the sky to steal a kiss from me," the stranger said, grinning as his gloved hands traced Aress' spine through his shirt. "To what do I owe this honor to?" he asked as he readjusted the top hat on his head.
"I didn't do anything!" Aress replied huffily, still straddling the stranger's hips. "Some cat-boy fetish guy shoved me into a tree!" He pouted at the memory even as the stranger's gloved hand ran down the line of his backside though his jeans. The stranger smirked as Aress finally looked around at his surroundings. "Where am I?"
"Well...it seems like you've fallen down the rabbit-hole," the black-haired young man replied with an ambiguous smirk. "Curiouser and curiouser."
"...rabbit-hole?" Aress repeated. He looked around in silence for several moments. "...This doesn't look like Wonderland..." The young man beneath him sighed as he grabbed Aress' hips.
"Seriously...Do all humans think like this?" the stranger asked tiredly, lightly shaking his head. "Not everything can be seen with just the eyes," he said, gently tilting Aress' chin up to meet the teen's steel gray eyes with his beautiful golden eyes. "You know...you're not bad-looking when you stop talking..." The stranger looked offended when Aress burst out laughing. "...what?"
"I'm sorry..." Aress choked out between laughs. "It's just...you're using pick-up lines on me...as if I were a girl!"
"Male, female...why not? No one is ever told they have to only enjoy one..." Aress felt a shiver run through him at the tone in his voice. "Would you like for me to show you what I mean...?"
Aress was silent for a moment before shaking his head. "No...I'm fine." He started to get up off the black-haired man. "I've got to find a way out of here...I don't belong."
The man with the top hat studied the teen's back as he started to walk away, staring like he was considering something. He easily stalked up behind Aress. "You said you came from a different world?" he asked, whispering it into Aress' ear. "And a "cat-boy" pushed you into a "tree"?"
Aress nodded. "That's what I said." He gasped lightly as the stranger wrapped arms around him from behind and began unbuttoning his shirt from the top. "What are you...?"
"You'll see..." the black-haired man murmured as he unbuckled Aress' belt and unbuttoned his jeans. Aress shoved the stranger when the black-haired man pulled his jeans down.
"What are you doing?!" Aress asked, turning to face the man, back to a tree. "I need to get home!"
"And I need to see all of you," the stranger replied, turning Aress around suddenly and grabbing him by the nape of his neck, pressing his cheek roughly against the rough bark of the tree.
"Hey!!" Aress protested angrily, trying to struggle, but to no avail. He was panting heavily as he watched the stranger smirk.
The man smirked when he saw that Aress had given up. "So cute..." he remarked as the hand that wasn't holding the teen down crept for the collar of the teen's unbuttoned shirt. Aress twitched as the stranger pulled his shirt down slowly, sliding fabric across his skin, exposing first the shoulders then the back. Aress watched, cheeks flushed, as the stranger smirked ad leaned in to touch his right shoulder blade. The teen gasped and shivered as gloved fingers ran down his shoulder blade's bare skin. "...I can't believe it...Spades finally came." Aress wanted to ask what the stranger was talking about, but the breath ghosting softly over his skin, tickling it, was distracting him. The stranger finally let go of him, and his knees gave out, causing him to fall to the floor, sitting and leaning against the tree weakly.
"What are you...talking about?" Aress asked, panting. "Spades...?" The stranger stared for a moment.
"You really don't know?" the man asked as if completely taken by surprise. When Aress shook his head, he sighed. "You really are from a very different world." Aress nodded, and the stranger sighed. "Here, put your clothes back on," he said, throwing Aress' clothes back at him. "When I see you looking at me like that...I just want to do so many things I'll regret." He still kept his golden eyes fixed interestedly on Aress' body as the teen dressed. "So...I'll tell you what I meant now," he said, catching Aress' arm just as he was about to shrug the shirt back on. He ran a gloved finger over the teen's right shoulder blade. "See...every Alice in our world has a tattoo with their Suit of Service on their body." The stranger leaned in. "And you are the Alice of Spades."
"...Is this like playing poker?" Aress asked. "If all four of us Alices get together, will there be an explosion or something?"
"No. But there will be a battle," the stranger replied seriously. "I love battles..."
"Why would there be battles?" Aress asked curiously.
"Because Wonderland is nothing like the one you hear about in stories," the stranger replied, staring suspiciously into the trees around them. "Each suit has an Alice, a King, and a Jack...Alices fight on behalf of their suit to try and prove their superiority and their worthiness to face the Red Queen and Black King, the rulers of this universe."
"So...If an Alice wins against them all...what would happen?"
"...They would become like a god," the man replied with an expectant grin.
"But...why me?" Aress asked hesitantly.
The black-haired stranger laughed. "Why not!" he asked with a chuckle as he pulled Aress to him by one of the teen's arms. Aress gasped as a sword slashed across where he had been. "It's way too much fun to say no!" he added, twirling the teen again as they dodged another swing. "See? Isn't this fun?" he asked as he dipped the teen to dodge another slash. "Can't you see the fun stuff in this?" He spun the teen again to dodge again.
"Dammit, Hatter! Stop interfering in this Alician duel!" a blonde young man yelled, pointing his sword at the stranger. "Don't make me have to hurt you!"
"...Hatter...?" Aress asked dizzily, not quite registering the name. He was still dizzy from the short but extremely fast waltz that the black-haired young man had spun him through to dodge the quick blade. "You don't mean...the Mad Hatter...?"
"I'm not mad. I'm just a cool guy with a hat!" Hatter grinned, baring slight fangs. He smirked at the blonde swordsman. "Hi, Weiss. Finally got your ass off your "throne"?"
The blonde spluttered in anger. "You'll pay for that! Men, go get them!" In the blink of an eye, Aress and Hatter were surrounded by bristling swords.
Hatter smirked. "Here comes the fun."