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Suit 40 of Aress in Wonderland!
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Suit 40:

Aress gave a weak chuckle. "The power to destroy... The strength to massacre... The ability to hate and be hated..." He smiled an undecipherable smile as he raised his hand.

"Aress, no...!" Hatter gasped as he felt a huge rush of power. He hugged the teen desperately to his chest, trying to call the teen back to his senses. "...Aress...!"

"...Hatter?" Aress asked as the man buried his face in the teen's hair, pressing him to his chest.

"Don't...don't turn evil...!" Hatter begged as he felt the wave of power return and surround them.

'I wish to be by Aress' side from now on, always and forever.' Hatter's eyes widened as his voice echoed throughout the room.

'I wish for March's happiness.' Jazz's disembodied voice echoed.

'I wish I could see Shiro again.'

'I wish I could love Charles.'

'I wish for peace in my kingdom.'

Little by little, the voices came faster and faster, blending and mixing together, gathering around Aress.

'I wish to get Allen back.'

'I wish to be able to go wandering.'

'I wish I didn't have to kill innocents anymore.'

'I wish to know these feelings in my heart.'

'I wish I could be as lazy as I want to.'

'I wish that this peace will last.'

'I wish I could play more!'

'I wish for more things to play with!'

'I wish for Reinen to be healed.'

'I wish for Nacht to know he's alive.'

'I wish for my Lord and Lady to be happy.'

'I wish for more chances to play!'

"...what?" The others stared as Aress stepped back, away from Hatter, wondering what the teen was about to do.

"And now...I'm ready to make my wish." Closing his eyes, he gave a smile. "I wish for all the wishes that everyone fought so desperately for, the wish that they hold the dearest in their hearts, whether they were aware of it or not, to be granted."

A rush of power left Aress, and his legs buckled underneath him. Hatter caught him. "You okay?"

Aress nodded. "But I don't know if they all came true or if it even worked." He turned wearily to Joker and Magnie with a smile. "You can take back the power you gave me, right?"

Joker slowly nodded before he reached out. The sphere of all the powers within Aress left the teen's chest. "...what do you want to do with this?"

Aress frowned. "I...have no idea. But I definitely don't want them." He thought for a moment. "Why don't we just leave them here? We might need them again or something one day."

Magnie nodded, unable to hold back a smile any longer as he tackle-hugged Aress again. "It's all over! We won!"

"'We'?" March asked incredulously. "Since when did you count as a Spade?"

Jazz laughed as March began chasing Magnie around angrily. "Never thought we'd be here like this, huh, Char?" he asked with a half-smile. Before the King could reply, the Queen ran off to help March.

Charles sighed and shook his head with a smile. "Just like kids..."

Edward smiled up at his King. "But it wouldn't be as fun otherwise, right?" Charles laughed with the blonde.

Joker looked up at the ceiling. "I hope that I will be able to meet my Lord again someday..."

Aress smiled at the scene. "I'm glad...we were able to finally finish everything once and for all..."

Hatter smiled as he pressed his lips to the teen's temple. "Well then...I guess I'll try to enjoy myself as much as I can, since tonight's my last night!" With a smile, he ran off to help the others catch Magnie, leaving Aress to stare after him.


"...where's Aress?" Hatter asked, looking around. The teen had disappeared while he had been playing around.

"I think he headed for your room," Edward replied. Magnie had teleported them all back to the Spades Castle when night had begun to fall.

Hatter frowned slightly. Why would he go and do something like that...?

"Aress...?" Hatter slowly pushed open the door, well aware of what had happened last time. He did not want something like that to happen again. His eyes fell on Aress resting on his side on his bed in one of Hatter's shirts and boxers. The man's heart sank.

Aress didn't move. Hatter slowly approached the bed, reaching out to touch the teen's leg. "...Aress...?" he asked again softly.

"...How could you...?"


"Why...why didn't you tell me?" Aress asked, grabbing the man by his shirt. "Why didn't you tell me you're going to disappear?"

"Because I'm just going back to our world..." Hatter replied, at a loss for words in the face of the teen's anger.

"When...when I thought I killed you...I almost died!" Aress pressed his forehead against Hatter's chest, Hatter's warmth. "I don't want to lose you again..." He closed his eyes. "Why? Why do we have to part even though we've just found each other again?" he whispered desperately.

Hatter pressed his lips to the top of Aress' head. "So that we can treasure the time that we are together, and so that we can remember who we love, even if we lose sight of ourselves," he murmured, pulling the teen in close, closing his eyes as he breathed in Aress' scent.

"But...what if that...that old man finds me again before you do?" Aress asked fearfully, clinging desperately to his chest.

"...I won't let him touch you," Hatter declared resolutely. "...I won't. I'll kill whoever tries to lay a hand on you."

Aress shook his head. "No. No more killing. All I need is you, no matter how bad things get."

Hatter smiled as he kissed Aress' ear. "I'm holding you to that, even if you try to take it back later..." he murmured before he claimed the teen's lips for his own. "...I love you."

March sat on Jazz's bed, his legs pulled up to his chest, the only thing covering him being a blanket. " you think everyone's wishes came true?" he asked, glancing down at the former Queen of Spades, who was lying on the bed next to him.

"Who knows," Jazz said shrugging. He chuckled when March glared at him. "All I know is that I don't need any other wishes granted when I have you," he said as he slipped a hand behind March's neck and pulled him down for another kiss.

"It's not faiiiiir!" Magnie cried into his cup of tea. "Why does Aress have to leave anyways? He could just stay with me!"

Joker sighed, his cup of tea cupped in his hands. "Sorry. I tried to stop him."

Charles gave them both a polite smile, which was starting to look strained. "It's okay. Enjoy the tea all you want."

"...we'll be fine soon, Charles," Edward replied, patting the King's knee. "They don't mean to impose or interrupt or anything, I'm sure," he said, his voice and polite smile getting strained as well.

Hatter...! Hatter watched Aress sleeping peacefully, exhausted, tired out, so beautiful it could break Hatter's heart. The echoes of Aress' voice... They still lingered in the room. He bent down and kissed the teen tenderly, gently stroking his hair one last time, for the last time before he had to go. "...good-bye, Aress," he whispered, his voice disappearing into the silence of the air, leaving nothing behind.

Aress awoke in the middle of the night with a sneeze, even though he had been covered with the blankets. It was then he noticed that he was all alone. "...Hatter...?" he asked softly, sitting up. He looked around the room, but there was only him. There was no trace of proof that he hadn't just been alone in the room.

"Hatter?" he called, even though he knew there would be no answer. "M-" He caught himself before he finished, shaking his head. "No...I'll only say his name again when I see his face again." He wiped his face with the blankets before he tried to go back to sleep.

" you really have to go?" Magnie asked sulkily. He didn't tackle-hug Aress like he usually did; it didn't feel right without Hatter around.

Aress nodded. "I have to go back to my own world. Besides, I don't belong in Wonderland." He tried to bite back a smile. "And besides...he's waiting for me to go find him."

March glanced around, unable to meet Aress' eyes, cheeks reddening. "I-it's not like I'm thanking you or wishing you good luck or anything, but...!" He turned away. "Thanks...and good luck."

Jazz chuckled. "You should come back and visit sometime. It'll get boring without you beating up Hatter around here."

"Th-thank you for fighting for us!" Edward said, bowing.

"No, I think you did more fighting than I did..." Aress gave him a sheepish grin. "Thanks for letting me fight with you, even though I was so useless."

Charles shook his head. "You led the Spades to victory. Thank you."

Aress opened his mouth to protest, but Joker spoke before he could. "Thank you for saving Wonderland and setting my Lord and my Lady free."

"B-but I didn't do that much! I swear!"

Magnie smirked. "Sure you didn't." He leaned in to smile in Aress' face. "I'm glad I met you," he said as his tail swished in amusement. "Well then..." His cat ears twitched as he placed a hand on Aress' chest. "Time for you to go home." He pushed, and the teen fell backwards, the floor giving way beneath him.


"Bye-bye, Aress!"

Aress slowly blinked awake and found himself staring up at a white ceiling. With a gasp, he realized what had happened. "Magnie!" he yelled angrily, shooting up in bed. Aress found himself staring into very surprised eyes.

"U-uh...pardon me?" the doctor asked, staring in surprise.

"S-sorry!" Aress gasped, bowing apologetically as best as he could.

"I...I'm glad you're awake," the doctor said, embarrassedly clearing his throat. "You've been out for about a day. Someone found you unconscious in the woods." He glanced at the teen. "You know...I've heard about an awful lot of people waking up from comas lately."

"...what?" Aress tried to keep his heart from leaping.

"Anyways...I'll go arrange some tests for you so we can get you released." Aress watched as the doctor left the room, the door closing behind him with a click. Aress sighed, but he jumped at the sound of another sigh.

"And here, I thought I would be the first one you saw when you woke up." Aress turned at the sudden voice. "Hey. Morning, Aress," the man said with a slight wave and a smile, sitting in a visitor's chair.

Aress stared at the man, taking in the black hair and the green eyes slowly, his face expressionless.

After a few moments of silence, the man's smile faded a bit. "...Aress?" he asked. "Whoa!" He hurriedly dodged a pillow. "What...what's the matter?" he asked as he dodged a clock and various other things. Finally, when Aress ran out of things to throw, he stopped. The man looked worriedly at the teen. "What's wrong?"

"What are you doing here?"


Aress bit his lip as he glared at the man. "I was so worried about whether we would be able to find each other again, and you show up before I even wake up?"

The man smiled when he heard what Aress had to say before he pulled the teen in to his chest, just feeling his warmth in his arms. "Well...that's because I promised, didn't I?" he asked with a smile. "I told you. I love you."

Aress looked up into the man's eyes. They were green. But green or gold, it didn't matter. After all...

"I love you too, Matt," he whispered before he kissed the man who had sworn to protect him, the man who loved him, the man he loved. the place where I belong.

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