Scripted Insanity

{Take 3} Behold the Chicken

Yes absolute terror does taste like strawberries.

One thing I learned after only a few days with James was that he saw the world as an illusion. Everything real was fake. Just because you could smell it, touch it, see it, feel it, and know its there doesn't make it real. Also just because you can't smell it, touch it, see it, feel it, and know its there doesn't mean it isn't real. That line of thinking was what made him a great scientist. Most people think accepting the rules of reality and following them are what make great scientists, so did I, but I know better now. Accepting that the rules can be changed and manipulated is what made James a great scientist. Manipulating reality was hard. Manipulating an illusion is as easy as taking candy from a baby, if you know how.

Once James asked me what would happen if you put a pink elephant on a street somewhere. Would the people stop and look? Would they stare and talk about it as if it were the strangest thing in the world? At the time I thought they would, but now after accepting James' way of thinking I would say no. No one would stop, they would be too afraid that other people wouldn't see it and think they were crazy. People are easy to control that way. They are always afraid that people will think the wrong thing about them. You can use their fear to use THEM. People are part of the illusion. They can be changed and manipulated to what you want them to be if you know how. People are easy to manipulate because none of them really know who they are. Neither do I.

I didn't want to be the one to save the world. I didn't think it was my duty. I was just sixteen, just a kid being dragged around by a mad scientist, but the with the way things were going I had no doubt in my mind that saving the world was what I had gotten my self into.


James had quite an amazing lab. It was filled with all kinds of gadgets Alec couldn't even begin to understand. Alec had given up on being angry with James after a few moments wondering around the lab. He had been in the lab for almost an hour and he was still walking around just looking at all the odd and amazing things James had created.

"What's this?" Alec asked looking at a particularly odd invention.

"It doesn't have a name." James said while turning his chair around to see what Alec was doing. "It's one of my favorite inventions. It condenses peoples emotions and turns them into a liquid you can taste. Try absolute terror." Alec unquestionably followed James' command and picked up a vile marked absolute terror with an eyedropper in it. Expecting to taste something coppery he carefully placed a single drop of the liquid on his tongue.

"Absolute terror tastes like strawberries?" Alec asked in disbelief.

"What were you expecting it to taste like?" James asked while turning around to continue working on whatever it was he was working on.

"I don't know. Something like copper I guess."

"You guessed wrong." James officially ended the conversation and Alec went back to wondering around the lab.

After a few moments Alec found something that looked like a TV. Expecting James to ignore him for the rest of the day, Alec decided to see what was on. It took a few seconds but the TV flickered to life. The station it was turned to was a news channel but at first Alec thought it was a movie.

"James, you might want to see this." Alec called from the other side of the lab. James got up from his chair and made his way toward the TV.

"Wow, a giant lizard is destroying Tokyo." James said in an indifferent tone. "Big deal, everyone wants to destroy Tokyo. Call me when something interesting happens." James made his way back over to where he was working.

"Something interesting is happening." Alec said before James had gotten five feet. "A twenty foot long shark is walking through downtown LA, and the White House was just blown up."

"Was the president in it?" James turned around and made his way back to the TV.


"Good. We should go to LA." James said grabbing hold of Alec's shirt.

"What now?! You have got to be kidding! Do you realize there is a huge shark WALKING though LA right now?" Alec said trying to wiggle out of James' grasp.

"Yes, I wanna ride it."

"You really are crazy."

"Your point?"

"Wait!" Alec screamed. "Look at the TV. There is a giant chicken made out of marshmallow destroying Time Square."

"Marshmallow? Get the chocolate and crackers. We're gonna make smores!" James said.

"I can't believe you. Your insane!" Alec said still trying to escape James' grasp.


Elsewhere in the world, New York to be precise, a giant space ship hovered ten thousand miles over the city. Inside sat a slightly agitated humanoid watching the chaos he released on the world unfold.

"Those stupid people, they think they can stop my monsters." The humanoid said before laughing insanely. "Their worthless guns can't help them. My monsters will destroy their cities and I will cause the rest of the planet to freeze until the release control of the world to me!" Insane laughter ensued.


Ten thousand miles below the ship James and Alec had finally arrived at Time Square with crackers, chocolate, and a blowtorch. Alec found a nice place to hide behind a rather sturdy looking building while James was torching the marshmallow chicken in preparation for smores. The only problem that arose due to James' torching the chicken was the fact that when marshmallow is melted it sticks to everything. James got his smores, but also left the city covered in marshmallow.

"I can't believe you did that." Said Alec as they left the city.

"I wanted smores." James said with a shrug before continuing to munch on two smores at once.

"You could have just gone to the store to get marshmallows. It would have saved us both a lot of time an trouble." Alec said before snatching one of the marshmallow covered crackers from James.

"But where's the fun in that?"


Back on the space ship sat a rather annoyed megalomaniac. They had destroyed his monster, something he didn't even think the people of this planet were capable of. And they had done it in a most unusual way, eating it. Who would have thought it would work. He sure as hell didn't take that into account.

The megalomaniac ran his fingers over a small jewel like device and called his other two monsters back to the ship. He didn't even want to think of what they might do to them. He placed a tracking device on the two that had destroyed his monster then left the bridge of his ship headed toward his lab. He needed to think of a way to get rid of those two and quick.