Hey, It's River again. Just one half of Eve's Apples. Today, I'm going to share some poetry with you guys. This isn't something I usually talk about, my past I mean. So you're getting a glance of something dark and deep, even if it is poorly written and sucks. Anyways, this is about my father, when I was younger he abused me. This is about throwing the blame away. How can I let myself be blamed anymore? Well...no longer. So this poem is my liberation. Enjoy, hate, whatever you may feel for it.

Throw the Blame Away

Don't you see what you've done?

Tore my soul and scattered it to the sun.

Laughing maniacally as I flutter in the breeze,

An abandoned field of memories.

With each and every moment you stole from me

the darkness teetering within bleeds.

The screams that have been elicited from my lips

falter as my will is shadowed by an eclipse.

Don't you see what you've done?

Don't you see what you've done?

You brought this upon yourself;

My liberation from this tasteless hell.

So please indulge me...

How can you point the finger at me

when you're the enemy?

And how can you blame me as things come crashing down,


Disintegrating into toxic ash

whose fumes poison our minds like trivial shards of memories,

Harmful as glass.

You're taking over our lives,

Faking through thousands of lies.

Destroy this.

Liberate us.

Save us from this crushing pain that belittles our skulls

and encompasses our souls.

Save us,

Save me!

From the putrid brains that scream

"Damaged" into our thoughts,

letting the lies we're told be bought.

How can I let you push all the blame on me?

When you already own my memories.

How can I let this hatred be?

Silent as it slowly drowns me.

But no more!

No more will I endure this!

The numb that held my resistance captive...

Is finally...