The Killer Tattoo

I wish it never happened, I wish I didn't have to tell this story but I need to get it off my dead troubled mind. My name is Kristi and this is the story of my best friend and how I came to beā€¦like this.

It was yet another school day and as I walked to school I wondered what the new craze would be for today. My school had a huge craze about pierced lips only a couple of days back. All I had to do was a small countdown from ten today to find out what the next craze was. I met my best friend Jade in the playground. Everyone considered Jade very cool, she was always reaching for perfection. Basically if somebody got a craze started over high heels Jade would make sure she got REALLY high heels, higher than anyone else's. I ran over to her and we walked around chatting and mingling with the popular crowds. There was a big crowd of boys over in one corner before I could say anything Jade pulled me over. Soon we were near enough to see that in the centre of the boys there was a guy with a small snake tattooed on his arm. Jade snorted. I gave a sigh - thank god she wasn't interested in this new craze!

"What's wrong with my tattoo?" said the boy.

He was noticabley taller than Jade but she didn't seem to notice or care.

"It's just that's only one small tattoo. You can do sooo much better than that!" exclaimed Jade grinning.

"Well I'd like to see you try!" he retorted angrily.

Jade turned round to me grinning like mad. I didn't like the look in her eyes. It was the mischievous twinkling look she gave me quite often. I knew what it meant.

"I'm getting one." she said simply.

That was it. Once she was doing something there was no persuading her out of it however much I tried. Then I realised something else quite important.

"Jade, you're going to need your mum's permission." I reminded her.

"Oh that won't be a problem." she answered airily.

But it was. She told me all about it on the phone.

"I don't believe it! She said if I wanted a tattoo that was fine. Then I told her what shop I wanted to try and she told me it was way too dodgy and she wouldn't let me go near it! Even worse she told me to get a cute pink unicorn tattoo! How pathetic is that?"

"Yes but why? She must have a reason. What shop were you thinking of?" I asked.

"I want to go to Teenz Tattooz. They are supposed to have a five star rating." she replied.

"You WHAT!"

I practically screamed into the phone. The Teenz Tattooz shop was a very dodgy place, nobody I knew had ever got the nerve to go in there.

"She said one of her friends got a tattoo from the same place and a couple of days afterwards she disappeared completely."

"Then she has a very good reason and you should listen!"

"I am listening." she replied agitatedly.

"You mean you aren't going?" I asked relieved.

"No. I listened to her and decided I was still going to go. I can always forge her signature if I have to and if anything bad happens you'll be there to protect me!" she laughed.

I felt sick.

"Jade no! Don't you get it? I'm not coming! I'd never get permission and besides I'd rather risk my life than go in there!"

"Don't be silly! You're my friend right? Friends stick together." she said forlornly.

I knew that she was just play-acting but deep down somewhere I was beginning to soften. I hated it when she did this it was almost impossible to resist sometimes. This was one of those times.

"Fine!" I whispered down the phone and hung up.