Chapter 4

The End, or is it?

As soon as school finished we headed off to the shop. At first the journey was fine but as we got to the high street Jade began gasping for breath I had to support her the rest of the way. It was as if she had a disease and was becoming scarily delirious. At one point I'm sure I saw the whites of her eyes flash deep red. Now she had started babbling about blood and I had to keep shaking her back into being her normal self. I looked at her face and gave a start as I saw a flicker of a snakehead appear on her chin.

"We're nearly there!" I said trying to comfort one of us.

Whether I wanted to comfort her or myself it was hard to tell.

"Just round this corner!"

We turned the corner and came to the shop. It was then that Jade collapsed at my feet. I checked her over frantically, we were so close! The snakes had got to the bottom of her legs and were beginning to cover her face. They were moving fast enough for me to see them now. They were smothering her. Infiltrating her body. I looked up to laughter and saw the man by the shade of what was beginning to come night. He was looking very pale and I saw light reflected off something. I looked around for the source of the reflection and found I was staring at the man's … FANGED MOUTH! I looked at him and looked back down at my friend who was choking and shuddering on the floor. I glanced back at him and knew what was going to happen. I looked back at Jade and saw she wasn't moving.

"It's too late." cackled the vampire.

I was about to hurl myself at him but I felt a hand on my shoulder restraining me. I turned round to see Jade staring at me. The tattoo disintegrated before my eyes and I was left staring intro those bleak eyes. She looked a whole lot older than her age and those eyes were staring at me as if seeing right through me. I was so busy seizing her up that I didn't notice the order: Kill her! Or notice what she was doing. After that I felt no more. Now I am no more, than a ghost. Let this be a warning to all of you if you ever go to a tattoo shop. Check out the owner cause he just might just be a vampire. If anyone does dare go to that shop I'll be coming for you to give you the less painful death that you deserve.

The End