Chapter 4

Jo was bored. She'd been busy doing paperwork that covered up all the weird things the Agents had to deal with while the testing rooms were out of order; the huge window was being replaced. She wished something exciting would happen, she could just imagine Spicer bursting through the wall dramatically saying: "Jo, I…" she blushed and went back to her work. She had no idea how true her daydream was about to become…

Things were not going well. Spicer yelled at the awkward door to let him in but it wouldn't budge. "Sorry mister but I have strict orders not to let anybody in who don't know the password." It explained.


"Well that's just tough then." Said the door firmly.


The door looked. He saw millions of mechanical boulders chasing them. But what did it matter to him? He was simply a door who did what it was told.

"Don't bring up my brain. I don't have one sonny."

Jim yelled in frustration.

"Can't we just break it down?" asked Tom hopefully. Jim looked at him and Tom could instantly tell that he was wrong.

"Kid, this is the HQ, that door is made of plain steel to avoid break ins."

"Well what else could we break in to get through?"

They both looked at the stonewall that had been originally camouflaged before Jim pressed the green button hidden among the leaves of a tree. Then they looked at the giant boulders and knew what to do.

Jo was writing out a form and was about to phone up the president to explain some unexplainable things to him thinking: "Life can't get any more boring than this." When a huge metal claw burst through the wall. Stones went flying past her and she ducked beneath the desk. She peered back above it and came to her feet. Jim came in through the rubble and Jo could feel her heart fluttering, it was like the sun had been turned on and she could just imagine the spotlight coming down on him. He was so perfect! His blonde hair was all ruffled in the gorgeous way that she loved, he had that cheeky grin on his face and his crystal blue eyes were gazing into hers in that romantic way of his. "This is it!" she thought to herself excitedly. Jim opened his mouth, he was going to speak! Could it be…?

"Jo, I…" he began but he didn't have time to end his sentence as Tom came stumbling in leaving dusty tracks behind him.

"I desperately need the loo! Where is it?"

Her mouth dropped open. Jo was gobsmacked. Two Spicers? One of them looked very familiar and there was something about his eyes…but still. They looked like identical twins! Jim looked frustrated but pointed down a corridor.

"Go down the corridor until you come to a turning, the loo is the second on the right."

"Thanks!" said Tom and he rushed off.

"Anyways, Jo I need you to set up the red alert, warn everybody. The E guy is back and he's brought his new creations with him. He wants to destroy HQ."

Jo still stood staring at him.

"Are you going to just stand there or what?" Jim was beginning to get annoyed.

Jo still stood there. But she closed her mouth. "What the hell? Can't make things any weirder." She thought to herself. So she shrugged and pressed the large red button. A small microphone came out towards her and it said:

"Please record the following important message after the beep. Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!"

"El Bongo is back and wants to destroy HQ with his new inventions. Luckily, Jim is back but it would be best if we all pitched in trying to defend this place. Thank you, have a good day."

On the many different floors below red lights were flashing on and off and Jo's recorded, magnified voice echoed around the lab floor. Olivia had finally finished being operated on and her had friends been congratulating her but now they stood, silently with shocked looks on their faces. Olivia was mildly surprised by the news but not very. There had been more extraordinary things in her life. After all, she was a talking octopus. She stretched, it felt good. A huge claw burst through the wall, Olivia sighed, flexed her tentacles and slid towards the enemy suckers poised.

"What was that!?" Jo yelled above the huge smashing of walls below.

"I don't know but it certainly isn't good!" shouted Jim. "Come on, lets see what it was!"

They both began to run heading downstairs.

"Where's your…um…look-a-like?" asked Jo.

"I have no idea! And he's called Tom."

"Tom…it sounds familiar…oh yeah he was trying to tell me that he wasn't well, you when he first arrived saying he was really Tom Jackal."

"Did you believe him?"

"Of course not! You've always been such a joker!"

Jim looked at her seriously.

"Have I? Did he sound like he was joking?"

"Well…" now that she thought about it Tom sounded quite honest when she replayed the scene in her head. "No, not really but Joe…"

"Ah." Said Jim understanding. "So you took his word against Tom's."

Jo felt incredibly guilty.

"He's my brother, what do you expect me to do?"

"The brother who locked me up. The brother who dragged poor Tom into this place as soon as I was gone. The brother who just happens to be El Bongo and you trusted him?" he opened his mouth to say more but there was a huge shaking of the ground and Jo was thrown down the stairs while Jim was thrown back against the wall painfully. Lights exploded in his head…Jo fortunately had been a bit luckier and had managed to get her sucker line out. It was like a flexi clip, but a special kind. It had a sucker on the end that could stick to anything. Olivia had made it for her birthday and it did its job well. Jo was about to lower herself down off the wall but some people she didn't know came up the stairs. El Bongo was with them. She clasped her hand over her mouth to stifle her gasp and slowly climbed across the wall following them, they had Tom. Tom. She rolled the new word around her mouth, it sounded good. He was putting up a big struggle.

"You'll never get away with this!"

"Ah, but we already have." Cackled El Bongo.

"You'll never destroy HQ with silly boulders, it'll take much more than that!" said Tom loyally.

"He's only been here a day and he's already standing up for this place!" thought Jo. He reminded her so much of Spicer…but he was different. She couldn't describe it but she knew that he was.

"Well at least let me get these stupid "X – ray lenses" off!" he grumbled.


He fumbled around and on his third try he managed to get them off. He put them in his pocket; if he ever needed them he knew they'd be there. What would El Bongo want with some silly contact lenses? Jo got a proper look at him. His emerald green eyes sparkled in the light, he looked very different. But in a good way, in fact he was even, cute. Cute? Whoa there! Where did that thought come from? Jo was confused. She liked Spicer, right? At least, she thought she did. The guard dragged the limp Jim towards El Bongo and he marched them up the stairs reminding Jo that there were more important things at stake than her love life. She crept across the wall like an agile spider and had soon managed to catch up with them. They were going upstairs, towards the test rooms. But what did they want to test?

Jim opened his eyes and groaned as all the memories came back to him. His head began to throb it was not his day. He opened his eyes and waited for the blurred image to focus.

"Jim?" Tom was peering down at him worriedly.

"I'm fine. What's happening?"

"I don't know. Something big, El has gathered an audience to boast to."

Jim sat up in an awkward position attempting to see what they were facing but all it did was make his back hurt. With some assistance from Tom he finally managed to see what was happening. They were in the centre of a testing room. The reinforced glass was in front of them and through it he could see a huge crowd of prisoners. The boulders were surrounding them they had no way out. El Bongo was standing at the front of the control decks. Jim groaned.

"You okay?" asked Tom anxiously.

"No. Not really. He's going to monologue. I've been in so many of these situations and the idiots start to tell me all their plans. I've learnt to hate these moments. It's just so boring!"

Sure enough, El Bongo opened his mouth and began.

"You all know how many times I have tried to destroy your lives and how many times I've tried to rob banks and you also know that none of these things ever worked."

"HOORAY!" yelled someone from the crowd.

El Bongo glared but continued with his speech.

"This has only been because of one stupid boy. I'm sure you all know who I am talking about." Tom felt the eyes on him and Jim, trying to work out who was who.

"Okay, maybe you don't quite know who I'm talking about. Anyways, the point is Spicer got in the way. Then the idiot I needed to replace him got in the way."

Tom felt himself getting angry and tried to calm down. "Well now I don't need to worry because I'm going to destroy them HQ and anyone else who gets in my way!"

There was a nervous murmuring from the crowd, even though none of his plans had worked before he'd always got incredibly close and maybe this was the time it would work…"I have been working for so long on a genius project, the perfect thing!"

"Eh em!" coughed a small voice.

El Bongo sighed but continued.

"With help from loyal Keith here."

"Thank you!" Keith said meekly.

"And now, it is finally ready! The first thing I'm going to use it on is those two!"

Jim tried to block his ears as the maniacal laughter echoed in the huge room. Tom felt himself being lifted up but by what? He looked down and swayed nervously at the sight of heights.


"I know. Working on it!"

They were standing on a large metal hand. It seemed to just hover there in the air. There was nowhere else to go unless you wanted to fall to your doom and Tom had to admit, it was a long way down. There was silence.

"Is this it then? This you amazing plan?" scoffed Tom.

"No. This is!" A huge laser began to be unveiled. Its large tip was pointing directly at Tom and Jim and was glowing faintly. "There's no point trying to run either boys, this is made to lock onto anybody but me."

And sure enough, when Tom moved about to test this theory the laser simply followed him with great precision. Tom felt in his pockets, there had to be something, there was always something! But he could feel nothing. Suddenly he hit a smooth curved surface he didn't remember at all…

Joanne watched from her high up perch, she felt so helpless! There was nothing she could do except watch as a small ball of light appeared in the base of the laser it was getting bigger and bigger. It was growing so powerful Joanne had to shield her eyes from the blinding light. She closed them, she couldn't watch Tom and Jim being killed. There was a gigantic flash of light and then silence. Jo opened her eyes and gaped at what she saw. One of them was holding up a pair of review mirror sunglasses! But where was the powerful ball of light coming from the laser? She remembered El Bongo and turned to see what colour his face had gone this time. But there was no face in sight. Just a small pile of ash where he'd been standing. The deadly light had hit him.

"DUCK!" yelled Tom, but nobody could hear him through the thick testing room glass. Joanne realised what he was trying to say and yelled at the crowd herself. Immediately eyes were on her and she could hear murmurs of: "What? How on Earth did she get up there?" But despite their many questions these people were not stupid. They looked up, saw the light hurtling towards them and ducked all as one. It hit the boulders and disintegrated them until all of the boulders were merely ash on the floor. Now all that was left was a small light but it was gradually going out, it was getting smaller until it was only a pinprick, then it went out. A large sigh of relief passed through the audience. Jo lowered herself down of the wall and ran to the testing room door. She unlocked it and opened it wide while a controller brought the robotic hand down. Jim Spicer stepped down and walked out of the room quickly. Tom came a bit more slowly though.

"Tom, yes?"


"It certainly explains why you didn't know anything about me, I'd like that to change."

"If you don't mind me saying, I think it already has."

Jo laughed. He was cute, funny and there was something about his eyes that made him look handsome. He was getting closer to her. He whispered something into her ear, she smiled and kissed him.

"Tom, do you know your eight times table?"

"Yes Mrs Game."

"Prove it! Recite it to me."

"Eight, sixteen, twenty four…"

"That'll do." Mrs Game was shocked and it was obvious. Tom smiled, he could see it in her face. Everything had been like a dream come true after he'd joined the agency. Suddenly he felt a brief tug of wind at his shirt.

"Mrs Game, can I go to the loo?"

Once he was excused Tom set off towards the Caretaker's closet. He walked in and braced himself. The floor gave way beneath him and he yelled with glee as he hurtled down the slippery slide. He plummeted down towards the mattress and was helped up by Jo. He gave her a morning kiss. Everybody knew that they were together and Tom didn't care what Spiderman thought, he's going out with this girl no matter what happens. He walked over to the door and went through the normal security procedures. When the door eventually slid open he walked into the giant lab. He passed Jim and said hello.

"Where are you going then?"

"Oh corridor C room 18."

"Same as me, we must be on the same mission again."

"Hey Tom!" said Olivia.

"Hi!" he replied waving as they went past, "They just can't live without us!" Jim smiled at Tom's reaction and placed his index finger on a certain brick. The wall immediately slid away and they walked in prepared for another adventure.

The End