Chapter Four:

Seven Months ago


Lexi looked around the cool colored living room, it was redone right after her mom divorced her dad. Her living room had a cream colored couch in the center. The TV was in front of the couch and black. It had shelves below it filled with gaming equipment.

" I hate you sometimes." Lexi mumbled.

Her older brother Trent laughed and continued to play the video game. Lexi hated it when her brother ignored her. Trent had dirty blonde hair and green eyes like his dad.

" I can't help it if I'm awesome." Trent replied.

Lexi rolled her eyes and took a sip of her coke can. She had blonde hair and blue eyes, her hair were shoulder length.

" I don't think you're that awesome…it's just luck." Lexi said.

Trent paused the video game and went to get some more chips. Lexi sat there, looking around at the living room. It was a nice room with pretty furniture.

"Back." Trent hollered.

Lexi smiled at him as he put the bag of chips on the table. She felt like she wasn't enough of a girl sometimes. Her mother always said that girls are meant to be girly.

"Awesome."Lexi stated.

Trent looked at his sister, she had a weird look on his face. Lexi only had that look on her face when something was wrong.

"What's up?" Trent asked

Lexi sank into her seat on the couch and closed her eyes. She didn't want to be here right now.

"Nothing."Lexi said.

Trent looked at her again, ever since Lexi had become preteen…she was different. He didn't understand her at all.. It was as if she had suddenly started caring about what people thought about her.

"Are you sure?" Trent inquired

Lexi really wished her brother would stop asking questions. Sometimes she just wanted to keep things to herself. If her brother knew, he would never understand. It was hard being unpopular and having no one like you.

" Yeah, I don't want to talk about it."Lexi said.

Trent took a chip out of the bag and ate it. Lexi grabbed a chip and sipped her coke before eating the chip. Lexi wished that people around her would be silent more often.

" I'm worried about you."Trent replied.

" Don't be." Lexi said.

Six months and three weeks earlier


Lexi sat in class just starring at the clock. Every day was just the same, nothing exciting ever happened to her. The teacher just kept talking about earth science like it was important. Rachel was sitting across from her in class. Lexi secretly admired Rachel because she was so cool. Rachel was one of the prettiest girls in the seventh grade.

A note was handed to her by a girl who was sitting next to her. Lexi looked at it the note; she couldn't believe what it said. The note was from Rachel and it said to meet her later. Lexi had no clue why Rachel would want to talk to her.

But there Lexi stood a half hour later outside the class room door like the note said. Rachel walked out of the classroom and met Lexi.

"Hi." Rachel said.

Rachel's heels clacked against the ground, Lexi's tennis shoes squeaked. There was an awkward silence and neither girl wanted to say anything.

" Hey." Lexi mumbled.

Lexi heart started beating really fast and her hands became sweaty. Rachel looked so confident and pulled together. Lexi was just a tomboy with no fashion sense.

" I wanted to talk to you, but you already knew that ." Rachel replied.

Rachel laughed and flipped back her hair, Lexi looked down at the ground. Lexi played with the sleeves of her hoodie.

" Yeah, I was a little surprised you wanted to talk to me."Lexi said.

Rachel studied the girl in front of her, she wasn't bad looking. However she did think that she needed a little work. Maybe If Lexi lost a few pounds and dressed better, she would look prettier, Rachel thought.

" I love talking to new people." Rachel responded.

Lexi smiled and relaxed her shoulders a little. Rachel took her cell phone out of her purse and checked to see if she had any new texts. Lexi took a deep breath and adjusted her tee shirt.

"Me too." Lexi responded.

" I think we could be really good friends, if you would give me the chance." Rachel said.

Lexi looked at Rachel with wide eyes, she couldn't believe what she was hearing. Rachel laughed, all the girls she told reacted like this.

" I love that." Lexi said.

Rachel smiled and wrote her phone number on a piece of paper. Lexi took it and the two walked off to their separate classes.

Lexi sat in class, she was too excited to pay attention to class. Rachel wanted to be friends with her, it was amazing. Rachel was one of the skinniest girls in the grade. Once she heard some girl say that Rachel was so skinny, you could see part of her ribcage.

One of the things that Lexi had also heard about Rachel was that she was secretive. She didn't really like secretive friends, it was frustrating at times. But the other part of Lexi really wanted to know what Rachel's secret was.

"Lexi?" Her teacher said.

Lexi looked up at stopped doodling pictures in her notebook.

" What is the average of the means on the board?" Her teacher asked.

Lexi's teacher was standing right over her desk. She could hear her math teacher's shoes tap the ground. All the other kids in the room were staring at Lexi.

"Um…I don't know…18." Lexi answered.

Her teacher pursed her lips and adjusted her bun. Lexi hated it when she got negative attention.

" I suggest you pay attention." Her teacher said.

Lexi nodded and waited till the teacher was back up front and started to doodle again. Maybe being friends with Rachel would make her cooler. She might actually be popular for once in her life. This could be the day that changes her life forever.

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