I hope this came out okay (it's all one poem) this is dedicated to everyone who has lost someone close to them...hope ur doing okay and still making it by. Life is a gift and although grieving is natural eventually you have to move moving on is always hard, so just keep holding on until you see the sun.-hope u like this I tried my best

He was burning

he couldn't even see the stars

it was like he couldn't breath

His lungs were full of oxygen

but they weighed him down like water

sort of like he was sinking

but he was still on land

he just wasn't breathing

On a day when no clouds traced the sky

his Iris' saw only blackness

And his eyes were closing

so deathly slow

that he swore he heard there faint voices

Angels were calling him

as he fell asleep

lieing on his death bed

at the tender age of 20

after all only the good die young

and maybe he was good

maybe he was free

underneath all his chains

he still saw the the light

and it saved his life

He was breathing again

taking in the beautiful air

and it wasn't an illusion

it was just anther chance

one last attempt to lure his heart into the sweet yellow sun