The world is a hostile place, suspicion and deceit are rife. The natural hierarchy is in disarray, as those with magic are able to rise to the top, claiming chosen status. A person is chosen by the gods, they are created more powerful and intelligent, they are the natural leaders of men, yet they are cursed. The gods themselves envy the chosen, mages who are able to walk the line between human and deity, their punishment for being chosen is a life of uncertainty and chaos. They are hated and resented, but their powers are necessary to everyone. Mages are the backbone of society, and the armies right arm, the lapdogs of war. Those with magical abilities are marked on their face, making them both feared and respected outcasts from society. The marked ones as they came to be known. A marked child is forced to suffer for what they will become, a trial to test the chosen before they know their strength, in most cases the child is forced to kill to save its life.

The Marked are the direct result of the on going battle between Heaven and Hell. The result of too much magic spilling over into human world. It began when Lucifer and his spawn fell from heaven. Crashing into the human world, they made the first act of war by giving humans the fruit from the tree of knowledge, and therefore creating the downfall of the gods beloved pets.