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Chapter 25

In two hours she had managed to gain control to everyone's mind on the training ground. In the next hour she had mastered moving peoples limbs, without having to move her own. The worms laughed as all of a sudden they went stiff and their eyes turned green.

Selene was sitting near the lake, with a layer of sweat covering her body, but she hadn't yet passed out from exhaustion. Each time, it became easier to enter someone's mind, although she found the lighter souls much harder to enter, so much so she hadn't tried Åeit, Duante or Illzey yet.

Åeit looked over to her often, each time he did, she got a flashback and felt a surge in her energy. Closing her mind she entered Tristan making him yelp and stand completely still mid way though a sword fight with Abi; who saw what was happening and quietly sat and waited for Tristan to come alive again.

"Hey," He said in her mind, "I'm real glad you came back... I missed you."

She smiled to herself and started to move his hand and made him jump up and down, as she just sat there. She grinned more as she made him waltz with himself.

"Do you mind! You're making me lose my street cred! In front of the worms!" He whined.

She heard everyone laughing as she left his mind, Tristan returned to swinging with his sword only to find that Abi had moved to behind him.

She faintly heard them arguing about fairness as she looked across the field for her next target. Her eyes connected with Åeit who sat down and watched her, she took it as a sign that he wanted a turn so she closed her eyes again.

Åeit's energy was easy to find because she was so aware of it, she connected to it letting a shaky breath out as his soul was far more pure than hers.

"Hey, its about time you got to me, I was starting to feel left out..." She felt him smile, "anyway Selene I wanted to say something. I know you can't talk back so just make me move my hand if its a yes and you are agreeing, and my foot if your not... Okay?"

Selene made him move his hand, she was listening.

"I wanted to say, that day on the grass before you left, that I understood that I can never understand, but I want you to know, that I am here for you now, and I want to help. I want us to enjoy the time we have together as much as possible, because in this situation things can change very quickly, so I want you to know. That when you left, I was sad and I missed you. I..." She felt him sigh, "I missed you and I, I need you." He finished nervously.

There was a silence as Selene tried to understand what he meant. There was something behind the way he had said ' I need you', she came to the conclusion that it was something she wasn't able to feel fully, how she had felt on his floor, it was confusing, but something told her that was the feeling he was explaining that she didn't understand and perhaps never know. She felt a pang of annoyance run through her, that he was putting her is this position. But at the same time she felt as though if she could understand it, she would be agreeing with him. Slowly she moved his hand and with drew from his mind.

She opened her eyes and wiped the sweat from her face, and gave herself a drink of water from the ground. Savouring the salty taste she decided to try something. She saw Duante and Zuriel dualing to her left and created some water in her hand and held it there while she closed her eyes looking for Zuriel energy. She connected with him faster than with Åeit, it was much easier as well.

"Hey Selene... You're gonna make me lose."

She ignored his small talk and concentrated on lifting her energy, she looked at her hand and found the swirling energy mixed with water. Slowly she moved her hand and threw the water at Zuriel. She withdrew her mind panting.

"Well." Abi yelled over to her, "you didn't make it to Zuriel, but you made it to me."

Selene looked over to see Abi soaked from head to toe and Tristan rolling around laughing, his sword forgotten on the ground.

She lay down on the grass resting breathing heavily, it was hard but she had managed to use her magic while in someone's mind.

"It makes sense you know," Duante said sitting next to her, "because you can use fire and ice at the same time."

She lifted her head before letting it hit the grass again, she was too tired now.

"Don't over do it spaz." Duante said again, "when you get more energy you can try on me."

She laughed lightly breathing hard, her head was spinning. He placed one hand over her eyes and for a moment she felt like she was floating. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head before she crashed back on the the earth, Duante's beautiful eyes slowly returning back to normal.

"Better?" He asked grinning, Selene thought for a moment. She was still exhausted but she felt she could run and do things without magic.

"Yeah. Thankyou." She said sitting up next to him. They watched the worms in battle formations for a moment. She lent lightly on his shoulder resting there, but sat back up when she felt the white hair stiffen.

"So," he said coughing and sounding solemn, "frighting demons huh?"

"Yep, and possessed children, and what ever else decided to join her."

She watched Duante put his hands through his white hair before he turned to her looking serious.

"How do we kill them?"

She paused Duante's grey eyes were watching her seriously. His unique mark was beautiful, yet she could tell her was worried. She waited for Zuriel to sit down as well before answering. He looked to both of them staying quiet.

"Well, swords which have the right enchantments will work."

"The damos enchantment?" Zuriel asked. Twitching his head to get his black hair out of his eyes.

"I don't know it, what does it do?" Selene asked shielding the sun from her eyes.

"Its a spell that's laced into the weapon when its made, to 'destroy all evil and send it where it belongs.' So the inscription says when we did it. Mine, Duante's and Åeit's all have it."

"Well, that means you three should be fine, Ren kills demons, and Abi and Elix are fine, It's just Tristan. He doesn't have a proper sword."

"I should be able to help with that," Åeit said over hearing the conversation while fighting Abi. Selene watched him wink at her and defend at the same time.

"You kill demolves by cutting off their neck. All other demons you just need to kill. The key with everything is getting close enough." She said laughing bitterly.

"How do you tell demolves apart?" Duante asked listening closely.

"Well, most wear their cloaks, but if they are not, you can tell by their eyes, demolves eyes are indigo, they turn red when they are killing. All other demons will have black eyes like Elix's, so completely black but they will have yellow pupils. Unlike Elix, his eyes are always black. But their eyes turn red when they are killing as well... I guess always go for the head."

They sat there in silence as Abi walked over, his face was particularly pensive.

"Selene." He said sitting down and sighing. "I understand the predicament in front of us. I just, have some issues killing our own kind."

Selene sat up straight, she had been half expecting this conversation. She felt Duante and Zuriel shift uncomfortably. She made slight eye contact with Tristan and felt him running over, bringing Åeit and Elix with him. Abi sighed again seeing everyone sit down.

"I thought you might. You have no reason to fight for humans, I understand." Selene said as Åeit sat down. His eyes grew wide when he realised what the conversation was about.

"It's not that, its just," he said putting his hands on his head. "They are my men. I'm am going to kill my own men. I abandoned them for you."

"You call yourself a demon Abi." Elix said snarling, "so you are gonna kill your men, you have done worse."

"What's that meant to mean?" Abi spat his voice rising.

"You know exactly what it means." Elix said matching his anger.

"Both of you. Clam down." Selene said, "Abi sit down."

"Abi," Elix said before Selene could start, "you left, you made your choice to help the Queen. Now if she wants to help the humans, as a loyal subject of Hell and her, you will get your ass in line."

"Of course I want to help Selene. It's just, well there are two things."

"What two things Abi?" Selene said looking at Tristan, he looked back at her nervously.

"Well Selene you're rebelling against Hell, you are going to kill your own subjects, you are helping the angels who put you down there in the first place. This doesn't make sense."

"I am not helping them, I am doing what I have to, to stay alive. I will kill anything that gets in my way. Hell's creatures, humans, angels. I don't care." Selene said maliciously, Tristan could have sworn he felt the ground shake from her anger.

"And you are condemning me, I follow the rebellious Queen and I will be punished for it as well." Abi snarled. His purple eyes creasing in anger.

"She isn't rebelling against Hell you dumb shit," Elix snarled, "she is rebelling against her father, you ought to do the same instead of living in his shadow... She would do the same for you if the positions were reversed."

Abi looked as if he was going to swing at Elix for a moment before he thought better of it.

"Abi," Selene said calmly, "I understand. If you want to go you may. I don't know what is going to happen in the future, but this is more adventure than I have had in a long time. I am not against Hell, I am against dying. Kill or be Killed Abi... What other problem do you have with fighting humans?"

She watched his sigh and his shoulders grow heavy.

"Cause I kill them, I torture them and I love it." He said keeping his eyes to the ground.

"Obviously Abi, you are a demon. It is what you do."

"I mean, I have done it since I was here."

Selene sat up straight.

"What do you mean." She demanded.

"We trapped a family, me and Lillith, there was a young girl... I cut her and drugged her, injected her. I kept her alive for two days, I raped her and did things to her. Till she didn't fight back, eventually she lay there letting me do it. That was no fun, so I made her kill herself."

Selene looked around as Duante got up shaking his head and walked away, Åeit's eyes were on the ground.

"I made her family watch, their screams filled up the rooms, but we sound proofed the house, we made the little boy watch, Lillith took his mind and made him help. Then I did the same to the man's wife. We forced the little boy to cut her breasts off and her sexual organs, she screamed and screamed, and her son did things to her. She watched as we turned him into a monster, and then we made her kill herself, slowly. I enjoyed it Selene, they were good people, we tortured them and sent them all to Hell, and I loved every second of it. That's the problem. I'm a monster Selene. I kill for fun, and this place is ripe for killing." As he spoke his words started slipping into a frenzy, as if the memory of it was making him quiver with desire.

Selene stood up half way though, and swayed there for a moment, slowly Abi followed, his eyes started to turn red as he realised what was going to happen.

Selene ripped her knife out and charged him knocking them both to the ground. He flipped her off and kicked her in the side.

Selene growled a slow menacing sound, making the worms on the oval turn to watch, never before had they seen two creatures like them fight.

She ran at him again dodging and kicking backwards getting him in the side. He lunched back and crawled at her skin ripping the flesh as he did. She cried out and moved under him slashing backwards into his calves. Her eyes filled with hate and anger and she started to see nothing but his soul. His black soul which was glittering under her with such darkness. She went to strike at him with her knife but he held her hands away from him. She had him locked under her, between her legs. He was kicking and fighting, and she felt his magic start to spark as he began building an explosive charge. Quickly, she slashed out with her hand and felt her energy connect with his body, making him unable to move.

He was yelling at her in his head as she burnt him and covered his hands and feet in ice. She reached out and found his heart, making him stop. She felt as if it was actually in her hands she could feel it beating.

"Selene let go, you will kill me. I can feel your hand around my heart... Please." He stammered in her head. Realising that he was right she removed her control over his body and started to lay into his face. His blood was all over her as she broke his nose. She pulled him up and bit into his neck, letting his blood trickle into her mouth. She realised that if she kept going she would kill him, so she got up and swayed on the spot her eyes red with anger.

"Stay here till you have learnt your lesion." She whispered with such threat in her voice, "Or don't come back at all."

She turned and left him on the ground, as she walked she felt herself start to feel as if she was combusting with too much energy. She felt all her anger rising, and started to run, a blur of souls flashing around her. She could taste Abi's beautiful blood in her mouth. She felt the water of the lake under her feet and jumped in as she started to turn. She opened her eyes and found peace and silence of the the lake around her. Her body returning back to normal as fast as it had changed. Coming up for a breath she saw Abi, he was bloody and burnt and was bowing at the edge of the lake. Behind him was Duante looking worried,with Tristan and Åeit. Zuriel and Elix sat to the side talking quietly.

"My Queen." Abi called out, his voice shaking, "Forgive me for doubting you, I see now the error of my ways."

Selene slowly made her way out the water, her body was bleeding badly and the lake had only made it worse.

"Stand up." She said as she came to a halt in front of him, his eyes turned to her with such pain it made her pity him. Once he was on his feet, she reached out and wrapped her arms around him. Holding him tight she planted her lips near his, and felt his body start to quiver.

"Abi," she whispered,"Do not worry about what you have done, I think it is the future that shapes us huh? We will return to Hell one day, but in the meantime perhaps we should have some fun. I think if we show our strength to Lillith we may have no problem with getting respect and gaining followers." He nodded slowly and nuzzled into her neck, for a moment she felt the unknown feeling she had felt in Åeit's room, about Abi. He looked at her and backed away, her grace filtering it to him as well. Lucky no one else had understood the exchange between them.

She made her way slowly to Duante, she was starting to feel dizzy due to her blood loss. His arms reached out to her and swept her off her feet and to the grass. She watched his eyes glow as his hands traced her cuts.

"You know Selene," Abi said sitting next to her, "I felt you tugging on my heart, I think you could have pulled it right out."

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