*This is an Islamic poem, I am not interested in reviews trying to convert me to anything else. Either critique the poem or don't review.

Faith found me and promised
To see me thorugh the night
Still alone through the battle
"I'm losing the fight"

I called up to you
"I bow down! I believe!"
Pouring out my whole heart
But I still felt you leave

The times I felt raised up
And saved from it all
Only taught me I had to
Be lifted to fall

And one fated fall
With a shock I was met
Past the fakes I was caught
By the true safety net

The wrong path I followed
In my bowing-down bit
Since to be saved is easy
Just need to fully submit

Your lead feels so natural
There's no frustration
And it feels only right
When I bend in prostration

For when on the ground
We are lifted above
As our souls you have filled
With the noor of your love.