Title: Fear

Genre: Humour/Friendship

Author's Note: After writing a lot of short, often morbid stories, I decided to do this. Haven't done this genre in a while, and I hope you'll still like it! Thanks for taking the time to read my work.

Warning: Nothing much. Just sit back and enjoy the ride.

MidnightInception xx

Oh no.

Debbi. Oh dear Debbi.

What have you gotten yourself into again?

On this particular Saturday morning, I was blessed with fine weather – white, fluffy clouds floated gracefully among the open, blue skies. The sun sent scorching rays which struck my tanned skin in the most sweltering fashion. It had rained for days, and such humidity was a miracle. However, as I was about to learn very soon, the blessing was turning more and more into a nightmare for me.

What was I expecting from it all anyway? To come away a stronger person? To see this as a way of challenging myself? Well, whatever it was, I sure got it all wrong.

I glared at Victor; however all I got was a flash of his cheeky grin.

"Please remind me why we're here again…?" I sighed, defeated.

I have always had this fear of heights. When I was young, my brother would tease me if I could not cross the monkey bars at the playground or look down from our balcony. One time, I remembered, I cried in a corner because a girl labelled me as a coward in kindergarten.

However, this year, I decided that things would be different. On my sixteenth birthday, my best friend, Victor, made me promise that we would slowly overcome my fear of heights together.

But of course I should have known his definition of 'slowly' was far more different than mine.

The harness sat rather tightly on my chest – so much so that I had difficulties breathing. I groaned as I sent him another glare which would have made anybody else wither there and then. But, of course, being Victor, all he did was shoot me another one of his mega-watt smiles. I rolled my eyes.

"Ready?" He held my hand and gave it a squeeze. Grumbling under my breath, I squeezed it back, somehow annoyed yet comforted by the fact that he was there by my side. A warm, fuzzy feeling overwhelmed me - it was something that I could not comprehend or describe. But I was quick to shrug it off as I readied myself for the ride ahead.

Something must have possessed my very soul back then, because I simply gave him a firm nod and smiled to myself. My heart raced in excitement and anxiety. Finally, I was ready to overcome my fear and for the first time, not let it consume me…or so I thought.

Not too long after, my determined, positive attitude had transformed into the same dreaded feeling of fear, which was still subconsciously lingering in my thoughts. Looking down at my brown trekking shoes and scanning the humongous height difference from the top to the ground, I could not help but scream.

"Somebody please tell me it's all a dream- AHHHH!" I yelled as I fell into what seemed like a bottomless pit, only to be suddenly jerked back by the exhilarating drop. I groaned in pain. The mere five seconds it took to reach the bottom felt like it happened over a period of five days. I heaved a huge sigh of relief as the harness was being loosened.

"Thank you for choosing to bungee jump with us. See you again!" A girl enthusiastically directed us to the payment counter. I looked at Victor, who seemed as if he was in a drunken state of mind as he stumbled towards the cashier, clumsily slamming into a tree. He grinned, much to my disgust, and ruffled my hair, "Let's do it again!"

I swear I have never punched anyone harder.