From The Author

When I wrote this story, I didn't take into consideration what had happened in my previous novel, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Bane, or whether the events of this could have taken place before that story. Had I addressed it before, I probably would have written this story differently, and factored in those past events, but instead, I decided it was better left as a stand alone story, taking place neither before nor after Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Bane. I am aware of the fact that I used my villain, Victor Bane, in this novel as well, and put he and Amy in a whole new scenario, which was my main purpose, to see how he would handle her with another man.

Still, I often find myself thinking about what might of happened differently had Andrew Barnett first appeared in Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Bane, but if he had, Amy and Victor never would have developed the relationship that they did, and I probably wouldn't of had written such a gripping novel. I guess some characters are better suited to a novel of their own, where they can truly shine, which is the impression I wanted to make with Andrew Barnett. He deserved his own story, and I wanted to introduce him to you in a story, that didn't heavily involve my villain for once. I wanted Amy to experience a happiness that she hadn't known for a very long time. Thankfully, Andrew got the job done and knocked it right out of the park.

I hope you enjoyed this story as much as I enjoyed writing it, and I promise, the next one is going to be something totally different, but interesting and fun at the same time. Andrew and Amy's story will continue, and I have lots more in store for them so stay tuned!