I didn't care when you played with my heart, my friendship, my dignity.

Or even when you took away everything from me.

But when it comes to Math

Understand that

It's the one thing I love the most.

Screw with it and you'll be toast!

Math is my craziness and my sanity,

My humble best friend and my vanity.

It's like the blood flowing through my vein.

(Are you trying to be a vampire?)

I do Math in joy and in pain.

(That's the way I'm wired.)

I'm not gonna let you mess with it.

I'm not gonna take defeat.

Your dirty plan is gonna fail.

It'll backfire on you, I can tell.

I don't wanna play in your maze.

I'm gonna set your tricks ablaze.

I tolerated every single wrong you did to me,

But when it comes to Math, I behave differently.

I've dedicated my life to Math; my love for Math is true.

I love Math way more than I hate you.

So please just stop this silly game.

Are you jealous of me? What a shame!

I guess trying to hurt me is in your gene.

But when it comes to Math, I'm gonna win.

I know you love to make me cry.

I'd like you to try!

I can dive right into the sea

That you're building for me,

And swim right through it without sinking.

Girl, what the hell are you thinking?

I'm not gonna let you destroy something important to me again!

When it comes to Math, know that you're sabotaging me in vain!

A/N: yes, lame, I was just killing time :P