It's really funny,

I like to call it tyranny.

All your life you've been burning in a fire of jealousy.

And that is the reason why you couldn't be as good as me!

Know for sure-

You're too immature.

I never thought you were my friend-

Not even for a split second.

I don't expect girls like you to change.

Your heart can never expand to a wider range.

You made a large part of my life hell.

I won't forget how you made my nerves fail.

I will never trust you- that'd be a big mistake.

Your smile, your nice act- everything is completely fake.

But hurting me like that is an impossible task,

Because I could always see right through your mask.

And I just hope your pretence will end.

I never thought you were friend.

A/N: pretty much the story of my life LOL. My best friends keep reminding me this all the time :P