The moment has arrived.

Fade away or survive.

It's do or die,

Laugh or cry.

Surrendering my hard work to my fate,

With all my love and all my hate.

It's the moment of decision,

The answers to all my questions.

My future is on the line-

All the things I want to make mine.

I'm feeling stressed.

It can end up in a mess.

But I trust you, my dear God, with everything.

I trust you to protect me when I'm fighting.

I trust you and know that you will make me strong.

I trust you and know that you won't let it all go wrong.

I trust you enough to believe

That you are with me as long as I live.

I'm really really nervous

Even though I know you're always with us.

I don't expect a path made of rose.

I walked through thorny roads, whatever I chose.

I know nothing is ever easy.

I need to hang on to surfaces which are greasy.

But this time, there's too much at stake.

I don't want a piece of cake.

Just make it easy enough so that I can make my dreams come true.

Please help me out this time, God, I trust you….

A/N: again, I'm NOT Christian!