it's not that you don't mean what they say when you're drunk as hell,
it's just that you didn't mean to say it,
because you've lost your natural filter and now
everything is spilling haphazardly from your mouth.
and this is what happened last night,
when I told you that I love you -
don't believe that I don't feel this way about you,
because I do,
I just never told you because I was afraid to.
there's a reason why they call it liquid courage,
and I was courageous as a lioness on the prowl,
but now - humbled and hung-over - I am a rabbit,
timid and quick to run and hide at the merest
hint of danger.
but, I said what I said, and I meant it,
so I will stick by it.
and even though I'm not one who is accustomed to wearing my heart on my sleeve
(or anywhere else besides safe and secluded in my chest, for that matter),
I will do it for you.
because sober or wasted, it's true - I love you.