Scene 1: John's Apartment

(A man sits at a desk, absently writing on a piece of paper. There is a door across the stage, but his back is to it. A woman enters, and knocks on the door)

JOHN: Come in.

(The woman steps through the door.)

ALICE: John, I need your rent.

JOHN: Oh, come on Alice! Just a little longer, please!

ALICE: When I'm your landlady, it's Ms. Delaney, not Alice. And I'm sorry John, but you need to pay. Look, I'll give you one more week. But after that… there's not much I can do.

JOHN: Fine. (He turns back to his desk)

(Alice crosses to him)

ALICE: John, you can't rely on your royalties any longer. You haven't written a thing in three years. Plus, all those part time jobs won't pay the bills. You're such a good writer, though… Please John. If you make an effort to write something, then maybe I can put the rent off another week or two.

JOHN: Whatever, Delaney. Just give me some space, okay? I'll have your money.

ALICE: John, just remember. I'm your friend, and I'll help you through this. You can do it. You can be a writer again.

(Alice exits.)

JOHN: Yeah, yeah. Whatever, Alice. What the-?

(He slumps over and passes out.)