-~-~First attempt a rhyme scheme poem! R&R Please~-~-

So I'm sure you're aware of what you do

And I know I don't want a re-do

I don't want to build up the trust that we don't have anymore

Because I made that choice with that boy I adore

He's everything I wanted

And the memories I've done behind your back is haunted

You give my brother and sister everything I've dreamt of

I think all I seek for is to be love

So before you tell me no

And I need to let you know

My brother and sister are different from me

I say that better than an honoree

They both have great open hearts

And With that said I really do need to depart

Five people in a family is more than enough

Honestly it's really is hard though

But it's getting towards the end

And you need to comprehend

I'll never be what you want in your eyes

So this is why I'm saying goodbye