I'd just like to say before we begin, please don't laugh at this. All of these facts are true, I am a psychologist in training and I have been asked to do a study on the disappearance of Miss Jane Lee. From reports we've found she was clearly round the bend and after talking to a few witnesses and doing some research I've discovered that she had a very contagious yet rare syndrome which caused her to see some very strange things indeed! But I needed proper evidence of my conclusion. I seemed to be stuck but on my way to work my car broke down near a field and I found a video camera abandoned underneath a bush. This is the story of the first video on that camera.

Her name was Jane. But nobody had called her that for a long time. For what is a name but merely something given to a person? Sometimes it can suggest their personality but Jane was nothing like her plain unimportant title; just like anything else given to you, you can throw it away. She'd thrown herself away a long time ago.

Her ragged hair was tossed about in the wind like a sinking ship in the midst of a storm. As her frail frame shivered her piercing blue eyes watched intently fixed on the riverbanks. She could see the mist creeping in like a curtain, it was coming for her and it was full of the alien words. They haunted her. All she could see was the strange mystical font at times and in her dreams and daydreams she would ponder over them. They wanted to tell her something, something important but she couldn't tell what. Every time she seemed to spot a pattern they rearranged themselves and she knew from experience telling adults wasn't a good idea, as she seemed to be the only person who could see them.

Despite the chill in her bones she laughed. A high pitched screech of a laugh echoed across the barren field. She no longer cared what people said. Listening to the pathetic jeers had never done her any good. She could see the mist morphing; twisting and turning in sharp, sudden movements until it had fully formed into the strange white being she knew it to be. A Kaylean. It's pure yet sinister wings stretched and the mass of fur that resembled a face shifted slightly. It was and always had been impossible to understand a Kaylean expression but the creature's power to manipulate the elements often gave a good indication. Jane paled. The words always seemed to jangle more menacingly when he was around. She hated it when they did that. Wasn't it bad enough that they were stalking her!? She looked up at the sky. It was a very dark night the clouds acting like a sinister blanket of chloroform ready to muffle any screams. The flowers around Jade drooped and turned a muddy brown as she stood and began to approach the creature.

It was a warning.

A warning that she never acknowledged. Soon she was but an arm's length away her palms sweaty and her heart thumping crazily. She blushed; she'd trusted this bizarre creature ever since she was 3 years old and it had never let her down. Sure there'd been accidents but the worst she couldn't care less about. Who wanted a father anyways? She stepped closer to the creature's slender, leopard–like body but it shied away.

"What's wrong? Now's our time to leave; to get away from anyone who ever teased us."

"You are different." resounded a deep voice seeming to come from the stomach of the Kaylean rather than its abominable snowman head.

"They may have wanted to take my hope away but all they have done is made it stronger!" announced Jane proudly.

"But you must have been scared. I see the way those bullies attack you. Fear can drive you to anything. Now it has frightened you into a new emotion. I can see the new glint in your eye. You can't hide it from me."

Jane opened her mouth to reply but a rustling coming from behind stopped her in her tracks. Her head whipped round.

Kate held her breath as "the freak" approached their hiding place. She waved at the others to stop giggling. All was silent behind the bush. As they heard the footsteps fade away they peered up over the greenery.

"This was a great idea Kate! Let's see what the freak does now!" piped up Aly.

"Yeah it's just like TV, except she's talking to thin air rather than a chat show host! Then talking back as the host!" chortled Josie. "She really is off her rocker!"

As they watched their laughter disappeared almost instantaneously as they saw Jane begin to climb up a huge tree next to the river scampering up with surprising agility. Although she had to stop because of looking down once too often she made quick progress and was soon nearly clinging to the top of it. He'd told her he needed a run up to get into the air. He couldn't do that with her weight on his back. So she'd jump onto him whilst he was in mid-flight. She closed her eyes and let go of the thick trunk she'd been clinging to. She started to walk out onto the branch. Jane began to sing.

"Rock-a-bye baby on the treetop –"her small unsteady voice added to the eeriness of the atmosphere tuning a harmful lullaby into a dangerous siren song.

She edged further towards the end of the branch.

"When the wind blows the cradle will rock – "

Ironically as if it had heard her the branch creaked and Jade swayed but just about managed to regain her balance.

"When the branch breaks the cradle will fall – "

She stared down taking a deep breath as she watched her friend leaping up into the air.

"Down will come baby cradle and all!" she cried the final words and threw herself off the branch.

Only at the last minute she realised. This is what she thought as she fell:

Down – where was he?

Down – oh no…

Down – the words were never really there.

Down – it's been myself trying to tell a message. Even my imagination has realised something is wrong.

Down – typical! Now my subconscious can get through…

Down – They were right. I really am mad -

There you have it. You have no reason to worry though; although this disorder is meant to be contagious a video camera near the vicinity is hardly much to help it thrive. For this disorder has been known to not dwell in one place for any longer than a year. It's been two since her disappearance. All the same I quickly washed my hands after finding out what the video meant. Don't worry. I'm sure this account is quite accurate too, after all I've been seeing the mist for years so I'm pretty sure I can describe it properly.

By Hazel Meades