Nightfall Diamonds Stud Elysium / Labelled So Imperfect (That I'm An Overall Failure)

Inevitably, that one poke will result in a push and then a shove
And I don't think you'll be capable of accepting the criticism regarding
Your impatience even though my thoughts secretly communicate
That I'm two weeks ahead of you and you're already mine

And it's true that if I just reach for you now, we could both rise
To that prophecy of destiny, but I refuse to appear as the desperate
Type when you would respect me significantly more if I allowed my
Morals to take centre stage like nightfall diamonds studding elysium

And I know my inner pain of being publically labelled so imperfect that
I'm an overall failure is completely transparent to your heart, and you want me
To swap my uncertainty for your companionship, nevertheless, I emphasise that
A potential try at this time cannot occur because I'm simply not ready to let go

However, when my entire being realises that I will only extend myself more
After encountering and experiencing this new start in genuine love, I swear
That I will depart this negation and sigh with relief in your arms, but for now, my mind
Can only mourn my heart and pray that this longtime dream becomes reality.