I was asking for a sign when the wind knocked twice at my door.

I don't even wanna reason logically anymore!

You are not an illusion.

You are not my imagination.

I know who you are- you're the one, who keeps me steady,

Always focused, always strong, always ready.

I was crying an hour ago and now you're making me smile at myself.

Whenever I'm down, God makes sure my longing for you is my greatest help.

You never let me give up on me.

You open my eyes and make me see.

I'm humming to "kimi ga inai" at this moment.

The fear of not meeting you is my greatest torment.

But the way "you raise me up" shows that you do exist!

I don't wanna rationalize- soul-mates are not a myth!

We are gonna meet-

I know it.