I'm standing in front of a mirror
Lonely reflection staring back at me
Did you ever wonder why your reflection
Didn't have any friends
Other than you
And your insanity?

Did it ever occur to you
That maybe it was a loner?
Much like your shadow
Your reflection doesn't find
Happiness in others company
So why should you?

And maybe you are perfect for each other
You and your other self
Gazing endlessly at each other
As the time ticks by
You will be known
As the mirror man

They will call you crazy
But don't let it bother you
Don't you think it's crazy
They spend hours trying to impress
Everyone else but spend no time at all
Trying to impress themselves?

Since when did other's peoples opinions
Come before your own
And since when did
Fashion rule the world
Oh that's right
Blame it on the 80's

A perfect friend is one who
Has no emotions, or thoughts
No feelings in sight
And forever more
They shall know you
Only as
The mirror man.