You never thought you'd have to shoot down that plane
It took all you had and then some
And you started thinking about those
Who were piloting it

People who went to war just like you
People who had no choice
They were doing the noble thing
Defending their country, and you killed them

They say your eyes are dead
After what you saw
And you just can't get their ghosts
To stop haunting you

How about that guy
You shot back in '67
He came out of the ditch
And you ripped his head apart

He had a family
A wife and three kids
Three kids who will
Never get to see their father

Sitting around a campfire
Telling stories to pass the time
Do you remember
Tony and Larry's crime?

Do you remember repulsion
As bullet sprayed from their throats
You couldn't do a damned thing
Just watch them slip away

Do you remember back in 68'
When you and the boys drank real late
Played cards around a barrel fire
For cigarettes and whiskey?

Do you remember
How the rations never seemed to last
And the cold chill
Of the first snow of winter

How about the dead of night
You never really understood the term
Until James got shot in the darkness
And you didn't find out til morning

Medals and bravery are nothing
There are no rewards
Only lost friends, and lost enemies
Humanity is slowly shrinking.

They say your eyes are dead
But you just can't get them to leave you
Alone, and now they say you are a hero?
No one is a winner in war.