They tell me there's a place
Where no trees grow
Cattle do not graze there
So the story goes

No man dare walk
Within fifty feet
And no bird nor mammal
Pass over the sky or the land

Once an old battlefield
Now a graveyard
Bones for headstones
Long dead soldiers

No fields of flowers
No just fields of death
You will not find
Any baby's breath

It's a battlefield of bones
Strewn and littered
They say that if any man dared walk
You could feel the emotions that remained

Vengeance and fear among them
Revenge and loyalty
Yet all you see
Is a pile of bones

Not quite so lovely
If even the crows stay away
It'll be desolate
During the night and the day

So keep away or you will be cursed
This battlefield of bones is no land for the mortals
Keep far away from this sacred land
Which bears no treasures