Bones and flesh down below
Tears mix with your sorrow
Sure as the wind blows
It's the valley of death

Death appears not here nor there
You say it happens everywhere
But you have not seen this valley
Enough to have haunted dreams

Screams in the night, and the day
It never looks peaceful, no no no
Men have gone down there
Never to return

In human form
Oh they say the ghosts haunt
But those who say die
It's a vicious cycle nay?

Blood runs like a river
Fear swims like fish
And there is no lifeguard here
A deathguard? Maybe

The Valley of Death is for those
Who don't believe
Those who think they
Will live forever

Preposterous! None will!
We save the grimest fate for you
Avalanches and screwdriver mishaps
You will die