The truth is it doesn't pay to get laid
when you ain't getting paid,
lack of condoms leads to aids

Didn't you know that if you blow your load on a magic hoe
her compartment is like a stow and go,
it just keeps flowing while she is blowing
and knowing her, it's going to be a long night.

Try and try because if you get it in her eye she won't die
sure she might cry but smoke some dope and you two will fly
high up in the sky, but not too much or else your brain will fry.

Then if you blow your go all over her back
after you whack make sure you cover her with a sheet,
and when you awake you will meet a new super hero,
superwoman with a cape stuck to her back,
a mean vicious attack,
cover your sack,
don't let her handcuff your hands behind your back.