When the day grows old
When all the light is gone
When the burning abyss
Opens to swallow your soul
Tell me
Will you fight it?

Demons coming in from all sides
They surround me everywhere
I can not get out of this fight, unscathed
And so I reach for my hammer

The fires of hell open upon me
And I rush in headlong swinging
Merciless death awaits me
If I fail my task

I shall rid myself of these inner demons
The only way I know how
Release my rage and swirling emotions
I'm falling now

I awake in a deep dark place
Am I dead or alive?
Then the flames burst to life
The fight will go on!

Demons, demons, everywhere
My hammer has yet to fail me
Demons, demons, everywhere
I will not flee

And when his minions stop
Doing his bidding
He finally shows
His face

This fight will decide
Wether I walk in the land of mortals once more
Or if I am doomed
To burn for all eternity

I thrust myself in with no mercy
I aim for his face
I watch his felblood run
I love the taste

And as I drink the lifeblood of the fel
I taste my sins and I wash them down
Feeling cleansed again I will
Make my ascent to the land of the living