Vocal 1: Our troops are dying my lord
Vocal 2: Then we must bring out our last hope
V1: You can't be serious. You mean...
V2: Mary.

We take to the battlefields
To spill blood
Tainted by an evil unforeseen
This land's only hope

When sword and steel
Just won't do
Magic to bind them
Magic to burn them

Magic to enthrall them
Magic to kill them
And so we summon forth Mary
And her magical helm

Mary's magical helm
Makes her a killing machine
Drinks the blood
Of her enemies

And let the blood of her enemies
Run down her tongue
Quenching a
Never ending thirst

They swing their swords
But one thousand men
Can't equal the fury
Of one furious women

So she cuts the head
From her enemies
And those who have enslaved her
No longer bound to the boundaries of time