"la la la"

she sings and her dress flies around her,

like waves, like waves

whiter than the tips

more beautiful than the sailor's ships.

because when she smiles,

the world turns 360 degrees

to watch her say

that "this is day three

and I've spent eighty dollars on therapy

but I'm lying and she

doesn't know how to tell me the truth."

but she is natural-born,

more fake than free,

because her eyes could look for a minute

and then without warning, melt the sea

she's like the ocean, she's like the sea

a mile on land

is shorter than a mile at sea.

but she can't tell you the riddle,

let alone the answer,

because to do that she'd have to solve



but she is unsolvable, and she knows it,

but I think she's hoping someone else will

figure out the mystery before she does.