lie like you was in the dark (lilac in the dark)
like you was tony stark raving mad, super bad,
cause some instigation, now we got procreation, intimidation
I pull out 6 inches and you can call it moderation

we got big wheels, we get good deals
on prostitutes, they're steel
if you have sex with a prostitute without paying is that rape or shoplifting?
because i didn't like her attitude, or her gratitude
my lava spewed in the nude, in the nude

i'm jewish
don't make me come up and ruin your bar mitzvah
on hanukkah I'm wearing my yarmulke
oh, oh, oh, oh yeah

insulin is a toxin to your body, do karate, with a Punjabi

Did anyone call for sushi? get back in the kitchen
if you don't you're a witch then
and no i'm not sexist, cause i didn't say woman
somebody make me a sandwich
sushi sandwich

so cheech and chong smoke a bond and they get along
like 2 and a half, and a half
cream, you thought i was gonna say men
cream. men. cream. men. cream....

it's steamy, it's queasy,
i'm lazy, you're brazen, i'm dazin'
you ain't phasin' me,
lima bean, peach tree, green bean
i'm steaming
like gary coleman. c-c-c-coleman
he's a whole man (whole man)
from afghanistan, palestinian, iranian
disregard what i'm saying
not important
sorry, did i just say that, look at my hat
do you think that i'm fat? you like my stats?
cats? cats?

i'm a pisces, my balls are like vices,
and what's nice is, they're priceless
so i'm rhyming like i'm in grade 3
teacher can i go pee?
i know my abcs, and my 123s,
here's the middle finger

mangina, mangina, mangina
do you wanna go down with me to regina
find a nice diner, for cheap
cause remember, i'm a jew. are you? are you?
are you blue? got a clue? glue?
glue, glue, glue, superglue
'cause i'm crazy, and lazy
i got a tazer, doesn't rhyme with laser,
oh snap, oh snap, oh snap, oh snap

if there's chickpeas, are there dude peas?
so i'm lying like i was in the dark
i'm in the park, with a loan shark
then comes kent clark and he fought
bony stark
and batman, superman, spiderman come in and punched
fourteen wmen who were men in disguise. mennonites.

Did you know alexander the great was gay? that's what I call Gay Power right there. after all, he did have an empire.

I've got junk like an elevent. Elephant.
It's irrelevant.