Attention please your Walrus King is speaking
I know your eyes are all leaking
But this speech will be great
Not as great as me

We have had some rough times
But that's just how life goes
In February it's gardens and hoes
In the summer it's a lack of clothes

So sure I drank ten too many beers
And prayed to the porcelain god
Any maybe I did sleep beside a couch
But it was comfortable

Oh and thank you for the gatorade
It did me quite well
If I did not drink it
I'd be in hangover hell

So I hope you all keep writing
Throughout the year
Cause you know when February comes around
The Walrus King will be here

Well a good bye to you
And a goo goo gajoob
Or koo koo kachoo
Or whatever you may have

And might I add
That Walruses
Are here to stay

Goodbye friends please keep in touch
You can email me at julethedaocmaster at gmail . com
Yes I included my email in a song
Aren't I a genius?