Verse One:

Walkin' around on my netbook wikis
Checkin' out girls wearin' two piece bikinis
When I walk by I know they see me
Sweaty fine girls linin' up to greet me
Lookin hotter and hotter after a few martinis"

We got bitches on the beach and you know they fine
I like them religious girls, they are so divine
There is only one downside to this holy crusade
They got less sex drive than Frankenstein and I ain't gettin laid

So now I'm going to spit some blasphemy
While I've got two girls goin down on me
Find me some dark haired kinky girl
I'll dig through the clam til I find my pearl

Verse Two:

Watch out now, cause I'm comin in fast
I was built hard, and I'm bound to last
Crashin the gates of your sandcastle
Your drawbridge is loose, ain't worth the hassle

Cause I'd ride you all knight
And I'd ride you all day
I'd tap that pussy
Until the sun ain't bright

Sperm whales ain't the reason the ocean's so salty
But let me tell you my dick ain't faulty
Fuckin them girls in the ocean spray
I'm like Burger King, I have them my way!

Verse Three:

When I'm feelin real naughty I go to the nudist beach
Defcon 4, there's a security breach!
Them bitches be naked as Adam and Eve
So many titties, but one goal acheived

There ain't no crabs in the sand
And that bitch better have none either
Or when she's givin me head
She don't get to take a breather

But right now we got girls in bikinis
They're sippin martinis, I know that they see me
That bitch told me her name is Queeny
But I don't give a fuck about her name


We got bitches on the beach, bitches in the water
Where is your lifeguard, that shark fodder
Cause the only thing swimmin in this sexy ocean
Are my little sea men in a forward motion!