[Verse 1]A silence that sounds so surreal
Is this reality or can one feel so...
So at peace, if only for a moment
Sitting out here, lost in the darkness

I wonder if the man on the balcony
Runs through his head to some symphony
I wonder if he is as much at peace as I
I wonder, I wonder, I wonder,

[Verse Two]My quiet eyes scan for something long lost
Maybe childhood innocence or youthful vitality
Maybe for the days of old, the past, who knows
Yet I want to hear my own symphony

The peace I feel is just so unreal
It lingers in the dead air
It should be cold, but it's not
The moon is out, and I can only stare

[Bridge] But when I go inside
I'll crawl into some place warm
When I lay next to you I'll realize
That peace has been here all along

And with peace comes love, and with love
Comes a thing called responsibility
And baby I'll take all there is and then some
If with love, comes you

[Chorus]When darkness falls over the sky
I can't stop help wondering why
Why do we sleep when the sun goes down
When night offers it's sweet stained gift