[Verse One] Do you love it when the marble tongues
Of statues who talked to trees in days of old
Lie upon whispering wind
Encompassed in the essence of gold?

Drink your gozzle gook, and fly your kites now buddy boy
Cause we got a story to tell
And if you say you don't wanna listen
We'll send you to a fishy hell!

[Verse Two]You see one year the Walrus King
Went down to the depths of the sea
But he wasn't the king just yet, oh no
He was as lowly as a flea

He found an ancient fish, a bottom feeder
An epic battle then ensued
Stabbed him with his steely tusks
But he could not kill the fish, so tough

[Verse Three] The fight went on for quite some time
When ruby skies alight into rose petal eyes
And the sunsets into the ocean itself
A watery fire indeed.... indeed

[Bridge]But where was the Walrus King
When the world finished exploding
Atop the great Walrus Rock
A scale in his flipper

"Come with me my brothers and sisters
This is our time to rise
The ocean is ours! The ocean is ours!
What a glorious surprise!

[Chorus]So put your mothaflippin flippers up to the sky
These oceans will never run dry
The Walrus King is here to stay
Until his final dying days!