[Verse One]I'm sick of this bullshit
I'm sick of your lies
Sick of your liquor
And I'm sick of your highs

Where are the days
When you just sat and held my hand
Now all you care about is hookers and whores
I feel like a one year stand

[Verse Two]Remember when you used to say my name
With all the passion of a caged beast
Now all you look forward to is
Your next pussy feast

I'm sick of you, everything about you
I hate you, you're vile and disgusting
I wish you would burn in Hell, and maybe I'll see you there
But for now you can just leave

[Bridge]I can't stand this any longer
I just have to leave
From this life of misery
I desire reprieve

When he goes home tonight
I'll get on a train
He'll never get the chance
To lie to my face again

[Chorus] So when you say you'd do anything
Don't you know anything is vague
Tell me what you'd do for me
In deed, not in meaningless words