[Verse One]As we prepare to leave our ship
We strap on our packs
Our weapons at our sides and in our hands
We are ready to fight

Our enemy marches
Not but a mile or two ahead
If we run a little faster
They will wind up dead!

[Verse Two] It is raining torrents now
Our god must be pleased
His bloodlust and bloodthirst
Will help us succeed

With our voices to guide him
Our songs keep us strong
They think they are better than us?
They will find out wrong!

[Verse Three] We stand at the edge of the battlefield
Ready to die for our god
Whisper prayers and sing our songs
Ready to open to the arms of deathly embrace

The horn blares so loud now
It is all I can hear
I've got every emotion running through me now
Except for fear

[Bridge] My men are dying, this can not be right
Our god will save us, we are not ready for the light
What have I done, oh what have I done
Followed blindly forward, all my faith in the unknown

And with that rage, I will die fighting
For the cause I still support
My god, my men, my wife
A toast, to you!

[Chorus]Underneath darkened skies
The river of blood runs red
Underneath darkened skies
We march ahead

Our enemy will not stand
As we march ahead
One by one we cut them down
Until they are all dead!