There's no way, I'm letting you stay
I can't handle one more day
I hate all of these games that you play
So you can just be on your way

[Verse One]
We were sixteen and so in love
Always together all of the time
We were a match from above
I was yours and you were mine

But then he came and took you from me
So many tears you made me cry
I went from happiness to misery
I felt like I was going to die

[Verse Two]
You made me feel like I could do anything
Until that boy entered the mix
Kept my heart and you kept the ring
Always on the hunt for your next fix

You were beautiful you were so damn cute
I'd get lost in my mind, I'd be lost in your face
For all of my words I still feel like a mute
Until that boy came and took my place

[Verse Three]
I remember the first time we met
You up and swept me off my feet
Turns out love wasn't all I would get
Didn't know I was in for deceit

I remember the last time that we met
I told you had no love I could find
You said it still wasn't over yet
And I still haven't changed my mind