Did you forget your coat
On your way to get your next fix
And did you leave your dignity behind
Somewhere in this snowy wasteland we call home

[Verse One]
You we're runnin low
It was starting to get late
But your girl wanted to spend some time
So you had to wait

But it's snowing now
And it's getting cold
But you aren't thinking straight are you?
Point A to point B, the process is old

[Verse Two]
You've come out of self imposed isolation
Hitting the streets
You're almost there, goal close in sight
But how are you gonna make ends meet?

It doesn't matter, you'll figure it out
All you need is a little more time
And hey doesn't everyone want to be happy
Is that such a crime?

But when you get there and hand away
Your last twenty until next weeks pay
You still haven't realized that it's wrong
You assure yourself your will is strong

Then you make your way back home
To your girl, you are emperor of your own Rome
But unfortunately you just can't see
We aren't rulers in our own little world