My mental state is compromised
And no I'm sure it's not all in my head
I know that sounds completely redundant
But just hear me out

[Verse One]
The world isn't all rainbows
No and there isn't always a happy ending
Not everyone has a mom and dad
Big house, fancy car, college tuition, oh no

See some of us come from broken homes
Or at least that's what they're called
Do you think calling it that makes us feel any better
Are you helping the problem

[Verse Two]
We're not emo, we've got problems
And you wonder why we don't want to share?
Would you rather us pour our hearts out
When you don't even fucking care?

Do you want to hear what goes on in our heads?
I don't think you could handle the truth
It'd be a cold shock to you because
Not everything is fairy tale around here

So how about you get off my back
So how about you shutup and leave
Turn around now, I don't care any more
I just want you to fuck off

I'm not crazy, at least not yet
But keep pushing my buttons, you'll see
You want to make me mad? Keep going
And then we'll see who's compromised.