[Verse One]
It's been a rough few years
and life isn't easy, life ain't fair
But I'll keep on livin life
As long as your still there

I'm thinking about the future girl
But not too far ahead
Because I don't want to lose the magic
In the memories we are making, here, now

[Verse Two]
Wake up early, forty hours a week
Two days off, then you do it again
But baby when I go to work
I go for you, I work for you

One day I'll do something better
But that's one day, I'm livin for now
Tell me you'll be right here with me
Cause there's no one else who can take your place

But when I wake to that godawful sound
I open my eyes, my body doesn't want to wake
But then I see you sleeping there, so peacefully
I can only smile

You know that every day before I leave
I'll kiss you and tell you that I love you
and baby don't you know
That ain't ever gonna change

I work a job I hate
But I love the life we make
People say I should do more with my life
But truth be told I've never been more happy