Chapter 7: Closure

I feel a horrible suction grab at my skin as I go under. The gloop seems to also be a lot thicker in this area. I kick my legs hard urging myself further and further down. There is a horrible slurpy squelchy noise as I grope around in the sliminess searching for May. I can tell that this part of gloop is a lot stronger than the part we were previously in – it has a current and seems to be in general a lot more powerful. The…stuff stings my eyes but I need them open to find the right person. I swim past strangers with huge gaping holes in their belly and others with small spots of blackness for eyes. Then my terror turns into a huge relief as I see May. She looks OK but a bit worn. I reach out to her and grab one of her limp arms. I start heading upwards desperately trying to keep hold of her, being under the strange green gloop for so long seems to have made her feel buttery and slippery; hard to hold onto. But I keep going no matter how much of a dead weight she seems. I was so near the surface and I could see that Frey was looking down at me worriedly. He'd obviously realised what I was doing since the dive. But he looked slightly more relaxed now he could see me again. That was when I felt something slide past my feet. I turned round but nothing appeared to be there. My lungs were bursting when I felt it the second time right behind me, I felt hands envelop my face covering my eyes and when I looked at them I could see tiny black spots and bits of decaying flesh. I kicked out at it thrusting May above the surface at the same time. I saw Frey pull her over to the side. But now I really REALLY needed to breathe. I wanted to scream but that would only make matters worse. I struggled but the thing's grip was strong. I turned to look at it but its eyes glowed a bright green making me want to look away. Knowing I only had a few seconds of air left in my lungs I kicked at the monster where it really hurts. And it let go instantly. But was it too late? I felt myself losing consciousness and despite being so close I could feel myself sinking. The last thing I remember is someone grabbing my arm.

"Liila? Oh god is she dead!?"



It had been a while since I last read someone's mind. I wondered why. Maybe I was still doing it subconsciously and was too busy concentrating on everything else to listen to them.

"She can't be dead, Jiku wouldn't allow it."

Yeah, that explanation makes sense. But I guess being unconscious means that…like when Jiku talked to me in my mind now everyone else's minds are reaching out. I think. So am I in my subconscious now or am I alive?

"What are you doing?"

If hurts…in for it…

"Have you never heard of CPR?"


At the thought of CPR I had to sit up. No way. Really. NO WAY. I stared into Frey's beautiful ochre eyes. He scrambled away from me his cheeks burning bright red more embarrassed that he'd been about to do CPR than shocked at the fact that I was now alive. I suppose it was nothing new for him. As I moved I began to regret my decision…maybe I could've had one kiss…but no. The pumping wouldn't have done my heart any good. May sat next to him and gave me the biggest hug ever.

Seven… lives?

I didn't bother asking about how May even knew I had a sixth one. I could just imagine the scene above my thrashing. Frey would start and stop his sentence several times just trying to explain who he was let alone me. Then would stop muttering and ask Jiku to do the honours.

"No, I think seven would be a bit too much for Jiku." I replied smiling at May.

She didn't seem to be currently too startled by my unnatural mind answering machine. But then out of my friends she'd always accepted the weirdest things well, unless it was about her boyfriend cheating on her, now that was a good story…anyways, now what?

You've done well. All of you. Now – oh £$%!

We all looked at each other. What could make a god swear? There was only one thing…the GM was back. Some rusty blue steel panels to our right divided into quarters were separately sliding open making a painful noise as if somebody were scraping their fingernails down a blackboard. It was some sort of door. We looked around ourselves frantically; there was nowhere to hide that we could get to in time. It was too late. The GM slimily entered its ship leaving an illuminative, hypnotic trail behind it that gradually disappeared as it moved along. We stood frozen in our positions unable to do anything. It came right up to us. We held our breath, this was it. Then it brushed past us.

It doesn't have eyes. But its other senses seem to be fine. MOVE! Quietly. Remember about its echolation, you have to be careful. You've been very lucky as it is!

We slowly shuffled across the expanse of green gloop as quietly as you can shuffle across an expanse of green gloop.

It's important that you don't get caught Liila.

From his tone of voice I could tell that he was just talking to me this time he was about to tell me something important, something I needed to know.

When it tried to possess you it left some of itself inside you. So far it's had no luck whatsoever in taking over your strong immune system but if it realises that you're here it will help itself out.

So that's what that man was trying to do…I open my mouth to tell the others to hurry up but I was interrupted.

Don't tell them. All it will do is worry them.

I wonder why. Why didn't you tell me this earlier Jiku!?

It wasn't necessary to. All it would do is make you even less reluctant to help me.

Who knew a god could be so manipulative? Jiku this is important! You should've told me.

It wasn't important enough.

Oh! –



I turned to see why May and Frey were so panicked. The GM was heading towards them. I knew there was only one thing I could do.

"Hey slimy boy! I am a part of you, I am a part of you! Frey sort out the controls!"

The slug like creature was now coming in my direction. I started to run. When I glanced back at my friends it was obvious that they didn't know what they were doing and I doubted Jiku could be of much help. May pressed a shiny blue button and a flame burst out from the wall I was standing beside, it hit me on the arm. I screamed. But then the GM shrunk.

"Sorry!" May shrieked pressing it again to make it stop.

I clutched my arm, the darkness in it was gathering because of my newly gained injury, the darkness that stranger had injected into me. It was a very strong darkness, my arm did not look harmed, the process just hurt. A lot.

"Press that button again!"

"Which one?"

"The blue one!"

May's hand slammed down on the colourful button and the fire came spurting out onto my arm once more but this time I was ready. The pain was excruciating but I couldn't care less, my watering eyes were now focussing on the GM. Part of it was in me, that part was physically connected to the rest of it, if part of it died maybe all of it would. I could feel its remains wriggling about my body. Wincing I shrugged and the darkness from my arm leeched into my chest, for a few minutes I had black skin and then I returned to my usual pallour. The GM was gone. Frey stood there dumbstruck for a few seconds, then they both ran towards me cheering. May hugged me. Frey was about to but stopped as he didn't really know me that well. I hugged him all the same and watched the blush rise in his cheeks.

"What do we do now?" I asked.

Press the red button.

You've got to be kidding me. So we pressed the red button together, then we ran as the ship self-destructed behind us. Bits of ceiling fell down nearly blocking our exit, the ground rumbled underneath our feet and we barely made it out in time but we survived.

I'd like to say our adventure made a difference to Niina, but hardly anybody knew about it and if they did it was rare for them to believe our tall tale. However it made a good story, a story to be passed on for generations, we were fashioned into an old Niinan myth - a story of how sometimes the dark could work together with the light and this gradually encouraged to this day, peace between the clans.

The End.